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Summer London List


Check out hidden parks that I had never been though I’ve been living here for so long

Eat lots of ice cream while walking in the street

Of course, take more cool selfies

Meet friends and go for window shopping

Workout more

Sit in a cafe

Wear fashion clothes, the lighter the better

Blog religiously

Plan for summer travel trip

Explore the rest of the city, London has plenty of good restaurants to try


Be more nice to people

Work hard for the future plans

Be more caring and loving

Be the best person that I could be

Have a forgiving heart



Venice, Italy (sweet trip)

Travelling is one of the most favourite aspects of my life. It gives me a broad perspectives of how life it should be, to take a break and being kind and allowing myself to see beautiful places, learn different languages, meet the locals and the most important part is to grasp how one’s culture evolve.

Venice has been one of my list to visit, my curiosity of their mode of transportation is the main reason why I booked this trip. There is no car, subways or other form of vehicles, it’s all  via water. Early mornings, big boats were loaded with goods and services to be delivered on the main land. The narrow canals amazed me most how taxi and gondolas managed to squeeze in on a very steep passageways. I am sure that’s the uniqueness of Venetians, to impress their tourists and cater the best services their city offers.

Every corner in Venice are very much consisted of canals, it’s a place to allow yourself to get lost and wonder the beauty of each style and story it depicts. What I enjoyed most was every places I wanted to see was reached by walking, I was just perhaps lucky that my hotel was located in the centre and I don’t need to use taxi or gondola to transfer me from one place to another.

San Marco Square is so beautiful and mesmerising. It is hidden in the heart of Venice. The massive St Mark’s Basilica’s architecture is so unique. I didn’t had the chance to go inside due to the longest queue I’ve never seen in my life. The sunny weather with blue sky is just so perfect match of the facade of each historical infrastructure.

San Marco Basilica


St Mark’s Square


Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace)
Libreria Sansoviniana (Library)


Piazza San Marco


Let’s talk about Venetian food which consists of wide varieties of pizza, pasta, pastries, ice cream and different beverages. Their food is my main comfort as Italian foods are my favourite. Reasonable cost, I must say and everything was prepared fresh and cooked deliciously. My diet was definitely on hold during this trip.


This is my trip that I didn’t had to use map to locate me around the city, I wanted to walked into each narrow roads and explore the place. There’s a lot of shops for shopping and bars to sit for drinks. I could see myself paying another visit to this alluring place. Summer time is definitely the best time to travel in Venice. It is nice to wear light clothes and soak under the sun while drinking spritz or having your ice cream.

Also, this is the city where it opened my eyes of the amount of Catholic Churches located in almost every corner. Italians are very Catholics, how they give importance of their religion shows the uniqueness of each church.

Below photos are shots taken from every corner of the city. Watch out for my next blog post as I travelled to Padova, Milan and Lake Como, Italy. I’m @kellydimple05 on Instagram if you want to follow this trip.