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The Untold Story


He doesn’t love you, so what?

You live in a high societal world where everyone can stand on their own.

It’s not the end of your world where in fact it’s the beginning of a new day.

A brand new day for a brand new YOU.

Life doesn’t just depend to the person next to you, the so called life should start within you.

Learning to love yourself more than anyone will do.

Learning to gain self respect and willing to let go when things aren’t in the right direction.

Trying to fit yourself in the community where your notion of acceptance is the key….this will never be your  victory.

Open your eyes and see the other side of your existence.

Staring at you waiting to move.

Never allow that beautiful mind of yours to be corrupted.

Hence, we all live by chances, and taking that opportunity is your one step to mastery.

The Untold Story kept like a treasure box

The collection of misery and imprudence.

Burning it to the ground is compelling.

I urge to Take an Action. You know what to do.

Trust your inner knowledge, and act upon it without delay.

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Love & Lust, Relationships struggle

The most cliché uttered word that we always hear to someone is he/she’s in love. I don’t fathom the real meaning of love unless it is shared with another person who has the same deep connection towards you. Oftentimes, we are succumb to the idea of building a great relationship without knowing if you are engaging with intimacy or just a sexual passion or desire that you have been yearning for a long time.

Let’s be honest with due respect some man have jerk disorder that women are blind of.  Women are born with a compassionate and fragile heart and once we fall on the trap of being in love, we become close minded, irrational to the point that even we know it’s wrong we can turn the table around and make it right. I guess, we are capable of loving to the extent of what our heart could give in until unless someone would stepped and crushed into pieces. Women are comparable to sand on the beach, it is stable and calm, perfectly shape by the kiss of water but once someone would dug, it become ugly and you’ll start finding things that you never expected.

I don’t understand why loving someone can be hard for other people, where in fact love is the  best feelings in the world. Let’s not forget that LOVE is the greatest gift of GOD. So therefore we should freely express and embrace it to the person we wanted to spend for the rest of our lives. However, there’s an argument on this matter that how about to those who made the vows that they will live till death do us part but within the journey of their committed vows, love vanishes for some reason. I have great respect for couples who fought and stick in their relationship until the end even if it didn’t went well still the courage to mend all up and go on separate ways is a huge chapter of one’s life.

On the contrary, it is mind bogging for some why two people are in love but only willing to settle for less. Yes there might be a little love developed but there’s always a waiting game who goes first to profess that emotion that’s been beating everytime you see each other, spending time and willing to take the risk  just to be together. Isn’t it amazing when you know that you are on the same page without trying to justify the level of “degree” of your feelings. I mean, come on..who does give a justification when it comes to that, after having a blast, but then in the end one of you suddenly possessed a delusion of grandeur that everything that just happened was just a scorn!

Entering to someone’s life should be grounded with respect and dignity. If you know that you are not capable of treating the person well then why do you start pretending. That is the main reason why we complicate one situation that we shouldn’t even engage in. You must learn to love yourself first before you expect someone to love you. If being selfishness is your motto in life, how could someone would trust you. Don’t take advantage of someone’s weaknesses hence be real and grow up.

I  wouldn’t be surprised in the future, if there will be an implemented law for violation of relationship. This might give a big blow for those who are jackass who don’t give respect. At least, one day we will be mentally secured that our great great grand children would be living in a world free of idiotic, ludicrous, senseless creature.

Therefore, if you are looking for love, go and get her/him with a lucid mind. Stop playing games because time is running out. There is no axis to direct you which way to go, the only compass that you have is your HEART that pumps blood every time you see and think of her.

Always remember that we are already living in a world full of pain, disappointments, anger and tears. Why contribute more? Why not replace suffering over love. Could you do that? I’m sure you could if you would… all the best.