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The Untold Story


He doesn’t love you, so what?

You live in a high societal world where everyone can stand on their own.

It’s not the end of your world where in fact it’s the beginning of a new day.

A brand new day for a brand new YOU.

Life doesn’t just depend to the person next to you, the so called life should start within you.

Learning to love yourself more than anyone will do.

Learning to gain self respect and willing to let go when things aren’t in the right direction.

Trying to fit yourself in the community where your notion of acceptance is the key….this will never be your  victory.

Open your eyes and see the other side of your existence.

Staring at you waiting to move.

Never allow that beautiful mind of yours to be corrupted.

Hence, we all live by chances, and taking that opportunity is your one step to mastery.

The Untold Story kept like a treasure box

The collection of misery and imprudence.

Burning it to the ground is compelling.

I urge to Take an Action. You know what to do.

Trust your inner knowledge, and act upon it without delay.

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5 Ways to Love Yourself

Do you want to know the secret of learning how to love yourself? Are you tired of pleasing others all the time and forgetting yourself that you deserved to be pampered too.

I will give you 5 ways how to embrace love just by yourself.

1.Spend your Money

I am a firm believer of working hard and buying the things that makes me happy. First of all, what is the fruit of your hard work if you don’t look forward for something that makes you work harder right? Spend by your own financial means. Life is too short to suppress the things that you have been dreaming of. Secondly, whenever you get paid, allot a percentage of your salary to treat yourself. You might want to go to a makeup counter and splurge on that Chanel lipstick that you have been eyeing for or that Valentino shoes in Harrods. I kid you not all those long days and night shifts that you have done for the whole month would seem like just a past time if you get it in your hand. Lastly, to spend your  money means pay your credit debts, through this you’ll feel satisfied and relieved, you cannot run away with the thoughts of numbers on your head. Clear it up and start a fresh one.

Remember, whatever makes you happy at the moment and acting on it means you are acknowledging your needs and desires, through this you give value and dignity to yourself.


2. Be with the person that makes you happy

Do not surround yourself with people that full of negativity in life. It is good to be with someone who can motivate you or put a smile on your face. Get rid of the ones who makes your day miserable or the ones who doesn’t see your worth.  Nobody can dictates you who you wanted to be with. If you are happy go for it, follow your heart. If you adore that person, go and get him/her, don’t wait for tomorrow, it might be too late before you made your decision that this person is the one for you. If you want to live your life free of regrets, just follow your heart, it will lead you to that right person who is meant and waiting for you for so long.


3. Go on Holidays

You deserve a break free. Drop all those commitments infront of you. Go online and book yourself a ticket to a nice and warm country that you have been dreaming for long. You have been working hard and must be saving up for few months now, why not treat yourself  to a place that gives you memories for life right? If you don’t do it now, then when would that  be? Don’t you envy your friends when you open your Facebook and Instagram full of holiday photos? They did the same thing like you, they worked hard to achieved that vacation. So, make plans now and make sure you book in advance so that you won’t change your mind once you click that cursor, then that’s where your holiday starts.



4. Run, Drink, Eat, Have Fun!

If you love running in the park, that’s a good way of giving yourself a big treat. It’s one way to destress, when you exercise endorphins releases in your body which trigger positive feeling. No wonder people who incorporate running in their exercise makes them to run more due to its exhilirating impact.

If you are a coffee lover like me, well done you. Don’t you know that drinking 4 cups of coffee a day is healthy. Don’t be surprised, there’s a related study regarding coffee that it prevents Diabetes and Stroke, although they say it raises blood pressure but it has a very small percentage. Moreover, drinking coffee protects against heart failure in comparison to those who doesn’t drink. In addition, coffee has good memory booster due to its caffeine content as well as it’s antioxidant effect. Therefore, if you are thinking of a drink that’s condense of health benefits, take the advantage of this great so called – coffee!

Are you tired of cooking all the time? Why not give yourself a break and dine in to a nice restaurant alone or with friends. It won’t break the bank spending a meal that you will enjoy. It’s the thought of going outside the house, getting some fresh air and once in a while not touching your kitchen at all. Who does loves to wash up their dishes? I think everyone drags to do this chore. Don’t feel guilty that you are spending your money to eat out, you deserve that treat. You need to look after yourself too. Trying different cuisine helps your perspective in life that there is a life outside your kitchen comfort.

Having fun is not bad at all. Go out with your friends, have some cocktails or glass of wine, sing and dance, let your hair down, dress up and put some make up on. You don’t do this all the time, do you? You deserve to have a laugh and get lost a little bit, forget for a while those due reports that you have been dreading of.



5. Be kind

So here’s the deal, we only have one life to live and we won’t even stay in this world for long. As much as we wanted to live longer, we need to accept the fact that our life here on earth is only temporary. Why not start loving what you see around you. If you hate your manager or co worker, send them love now. If you had a disagreement with your parents, think that they are getting old and won’t live that much longer as you wish. If you had a petty fight with your friends, go and make your reconciliation, friends will be there forever if you know how to look after them. If you hate your job because it pays you minimum salary and the workload is getting on your nerves, think that you are very blessed, there’s a lot of people who’s having a hard time to find a job to feed them everyday.

If you have hatred in your heart, let go of it. Forgive yourself and the people who hurt you. Live life the way as it is, do not expect beyond your expectations. You are missing the beauty of life.

Always remember that Loving Yourself First is the step forward to give love to the person next to you and around you. There’s a lot of people who never experienced the true meaning of love and you don’t want to be in that position. It’s never too late to change. I might sound a cliché to you but trust me give one of my 5 ways a try, I would be thrilled to know the outcome.





Love & Lust, Relationships struggle

The most cliché uttered word that we always hear to someone is he/she’s in love. I don’t fathom the real meaning of love unless it is shared with another person who has the same deep connection towards you. Oftentimes, we are succumb to the idea of building a great relationship without knowing if you are engaging with intimacy or just a sexual passion or desire that you have been yearning for a long time.

Let’s be honest with due respect some man have jerk disorder that women are blind of.  Women are born with a compassionate and fragile heart and once we fall on the trap of being in love, we become close minded, irrational to the point that even we know it’s wrong we can turn the table around and make it right. I guess, we are capable of loving to the extent of what our heart could give in until unless someone would stepped and crushed into pieces. Women are comparable to sand on the beach, it is stable and calm, perfectly shape by the kiss of water but once someone would dug, it become ugly and you’ll start finding things that you never expected.

I don’t understand why loving someone can be hard for other people, where in fact love is the  best feelings in the world. Let’s not forget that LOVE is the greatest gift of GOD. So therefore we should freely express and embrace it to the person we wanted to spend for the rest of our lives. However, there’s an argument on this matter that how about to those who made the vows that they will live till death do us part but within the journey of their committed vows, love vanishes for some reason. I have great respect for couples who fought and stick in their relationship until the end even if it didn’t went well still the courage to mend all up and go on separate ways is a huge chapter of one’s life.

On the contrary, it is mind bogging for some why two people are in love but only willing to settle for less. Yes there might be a little love developed but there’s always a waiting game who goes first to profess that emotion that’s been beating everytime you see each other, spending time and willing to take the risk  just to be together. Isn’t it amazing when you know that you are on the same page without trying to justify the level of “degree” of your feelings. I mean, come on..who does give a justification when it comes to that, after having a blast, but then in the end one of you suddenly possessed a delusion of grandeur that everything that just happened was just a scorn!

Entering to someone’s life should be grounded with respect and dignity. If you know that you are not capable of treating the person well then why do you start pretending. That is the main reason why we complicate one situation that we shouldn’t even engage in. You must learn to love yourself first before you expect someone to love you. If being selfishness is your motto in life, how could someone would trust you. Don’t take advantage of someone’s weaknesses hence be real and grow up.

I  wouldn’t be surprised in the future, if there will be an implemented law for violation of relationship. This might give a big blow for those who are jackass who don’t give respect. At least, one day we will be mentally secured that our great great grand children would be living in a world free of idiotic, ludicrous, senseless creature.

Therefore, if you are looking for love, go and get her/him with a lucid mind. Stop playing games because time is running out. There is no axis to direct you which way to go, the only compass that you have is your HEART that pumps blood every time you see and think of her.

Always remember that we are already living in a world full of pain, disappointments, anger and tears. Why contribute more? Why not replace suffering over love. Could you do that? I’m sure you could if you would… all the best.





Discovering your own Happiness


Everyday that I wake up,  I always try  to instill into myself that I will live my day with a happy thoughts no matter what crap I would stumble all throughout my day. It is hard to be happy when you are hooked up with all the messed that wasn’t dealt or you let yourself ignored even you know yourself that one day you will come across into it and have no choice than to face and fixed it by yourself.

Happiness can only be acquire by how you treat yourself with love and respect. There is no shortcut on how to start being happy. It’s always down to you how intense you wanted your life to live at its maximum happiness. Sometimes, we put ourselves into a situation that we ended up being caught up and not realising how we put too much confusion and difficulties. Inevitably, as much as we wanted to always feel vibrant, there’s always a way to divert or reunite our spirit.


It is such a common word but once we forgive the person who hurt us, who made us once a fool or planted some promises and lies…one day, all these would be vanished. Holding on to those feelings of animosity will ineluctably consume you and won’t have the chance to grasp the benevolence of life. Learn to always have a forgiving heart because through this way, the person you will come across will see how good you are inside out, might be in a lot of anger inside you but through forgiving, the person who hurt you would one day realize how good a person you are. You only didn’t help yourself out but you helped that person to gain self respect, love and kindness.

Be Thankful

Whenever I looked around my surroundings, I am always thankful of what I have and what I have become as a person. I am not perfect but I am trying to be a blessing. I tried to balance my life and am still working on that. I am thankful that a part of me have shared some happiness to you. If my shortcomings has crossed your boundaries, always be reminded that I am naively once of a girl in me.

Friends, Family and loved ones

As much as I wanted to be with my families, I am miles and miles away with them and there’s no amount of money can repay your happiness through the arms of your family. Seeing their laughters and hearing their repeated stories makes your heart healthier. I am grateful that living in London is considered my second home with bunch of friends whom I know that if I needed them they are always there to the rescue. To build stability, you must make sure you are fully stable of yourself. Creating a loving relationship with your friends and family is an investment for a lifetime. No one can take this away from you unless you handled it wrongly.

Appreciating Nature

Living in the city of London has too much pressure. To live in the terrain or just a visit feels a million bucks to me. At the age of 30, I become a nature lover which is good for my daily life. As much as possible, I make sure I  alotted a portion of my whole year scheduled to travel and visit places. Of course going back to where I come from (Philippines) is my top priority. Simple things like this makes me whole and complete. The warmth of nature and the people in it is a huge contribution of my happiness.