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Summer London List


Check out hidden parks that I had never been though I’ve been living here for so long

Eat lots of ice cream while walking in the street

Of course, take more cool selfies

Meet friends and go for window shopping

Workout more

Sit in a cafe

Wear fashion clothes, the lighter the better

Blog religiously

Plan for summer travel trip

Explore the rest of the city, London has plenty of good restaurants to try


Be more nice to people

Work hard for the future plans

Be more caring and loving

Be the best person that I could be

Have a forgiving heart


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The Untold Story


He doesn’t love you, so what?

You live in a high societal world where everyone can stand on their own.

It’s not the end of your world where in fact it’s the beginning of a new day.

A brand new day for a brand new YOU.

Life doesn’t just depend to the person next to you, the so called life should start within you.

Learning to love yourself more than anyone will do.

Learning to gain self respect and willing to let go when things aren’t in the right direction.

Trying to fit yourself in the community where your notion of acceptance is the key….this will never be your  victory.

Open your eyes and see the other side of your existence.

Staring at you waiting to move.

Never allow that beautiful mind of yours to be corrupted.

Hence, we all live by chances, and taking that opportunity is your one step to mastery.

The Untold Story kept like a treasure box

The collection of misery and imprudence.

Burning it to the ground is compelling.

I urge to Take an Action. You know what to do.

Trust your inner knowledge, and act upon it without delay.

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Behind Closed Doors


The power of mind has finally acknowledge. You were just once wishing that a miracle should happen, it has now. That unheard voice you have been yearning has now been resolved. Recollecting the past, all the memories that’s been shared is now gone. You tried to question yourself what went wrong? and the only answer you can fill in is, sometimes things happen for a reason, a blessing in disguise that worrying is not the ultimate response.

That beautiful heart of yours needs to be attended. Be not afraid, someone is watching over you. Your soft skin stunned as you touch someone’s hand and that sweet smile of you ease his pain. Never curse that the world you are living in is as cruel as your tribulation. You are a gift from above  that your existence is a recognition.

Behind Closed Doors is what you have been praying for. Angels has been guiding your path, sending all your prayers from above. Be glad and rejoice, good things happen to good people. You may not fathom your journey, rest assured ALL is WELL.



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10 Lifestyle Hacks


1.Surround yourself with happy people. Happiness is infectious. You don’t want to be around with people who are pessimistic.

2. Sudocrem is for babies nappy rash but I use it for my face whenever I get pimples, acne or sensitivity. It works less than 24 hours of application, spots subsides easily. I highly recommend.

3. I was watching a documentary of “Tales by Light” in Netflix. This photographer caught my attention when he  advised everyone to travel and see the world because what exist now might not exist in the future. Such a well captured voice conveying everyone that life is beautiful, there’s a lot out there that we haven’t seen because we are stuck in our own mind that we can’t do anything but the reality we can. We are free and from the beginning we have the freedom, all we need is to let go and let life see you through.

4. Create your passion into reality. When we were young we have hobbies like painting or playing piano. It doesn’t mean it will end from there, we mature only by age and so our skills should nurture us naturally.

5. Be compassionate with people and in everything that you do. This strong character defines what kind of person you are.

6. I’m Catholic, I believe in my faith however there is one thing that made me question and see the living proof to people around me specially to the people that I know of.

Divorce is such a delicate and sensitive word to anyone. I don’t imply this or I am not an advocate of divorce but why live with someone who doesn’t understand you, love you and take good care of you? Is it because of the piece of paper that you both sworn? or because you don’t want to disappoint your love ones such as your family and friends that your relationship isn’t working out. I’ve seen people in their second marriage had a better and happier matrimonial. The rest of this journey, I will leave it in your own perspective.

7. Make time to feel the nature. Go out once in a while and inhale some fresh air, smell the scents of tress and flowers around, walk in the park or in your block. Observe the people around you. This is one way of relieving stress, we are too occupied of work, commitments, relationships and such…

8. Be bold in everything that you do. Don’t play games, be a fair player. If you are a straight forward person, people will respect you.

9. Use your energy in a greater positive outcome. If you want to achieve something big in your life, all you need to do is focus. Notice your improvements how your dreams are becoming into reality.

10. Let go of your pride. Do not limit yourself to some possibilities that comes your way. Be a free person who knows what he wants. Visualise vividly how your life it would be if you have embrace yourself to every chances that you have turned down. Switch over that negative thoughts into an ideal you.




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8 Things YOU Didn’t Know About Me


1.United States was the main country I was hoping to live in since I was in college….why I’m in England? Let’s just say what’s meant to be is meant to be…


2. I’m a secret shopaholic/hoarder… check underneath my bed, I have tons of shoes (high heels) that’s never been worn since I got them… I am in the process of slowly letting them go as I’m sure it will be there forever. I love clothes, fashion and good pieces hence kellydimple’s blog was born.


3. I love keeps me young at heart. When I travel it makes me a brand new person, it’s like an oxygen to my bloodstream giving me sufficient life to live.


Last year, I travelled almost every month, my passport had a blast of stamps for the year 2016! I’ve been to Lourdes (France) Venice, Milan, Padua, Lake Como (Italy) Prague (twice, it’s a beautiful place why not!) Copenhagen (Denmark) Berlin (Germany) Krakow, Wieliczka, Auswitz Birkenau (Poland)

4. I’m a very emotional person. People sees me as a strong one but deep inside me is a soft hearted creature. I believe that’s why this blog of mine was created to jot down my feelings, insights, opinion and beliefs. Sometimes I wonder how to become a stone hearted so that I won’t feel the pain if someone hurts me bad.


5. I’m a night person. I’m awake during the night and sleep at daytime. My circadian rhythm is hard to please. That’s why working night shift is my preference but sometimes I would like to be a normal person to see the daylight specially during spring and summer time. (Time check:0620am right now which I haven’t slept yet since yesterday afternoon.. I’ll be in bed snoozing while you are reading this blog) By the way did I say, I love sleeping a lot…. I could honestly sleep the whole day!


6. I’m actually a very sweet person. If you get to know me well, we can be good friends. I’m full of fun to be with.. We can stay up late nights eating pizza, drink wine and watch Netflix. We can travel the world with full of excitements and making memories together.


7. I’m the eldest of the family. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. Sometimes I wonder how does it feel to have an older brother or sister, I’d be the happiest person.

8. My real name is Anna. When the time comes, I wanted my daughter’s name to be Kellydimple. And when that would be? In the right time my loves x



So here’s my 8 moments.. I’d love to read yours. I tag all the bloggers out there to share your part.

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Confessions of an Ambivert


Have you ever thought why sometimes in life dealing with people is such a struggle. Sometimes you will come to the point asking yourself if the problem is you, not the other way around.

Nowadays, this is the main reason why people doesn’t connect easily. They would rather jump into conclusion than scrutinize the personality and behaviour of the person. We tend to forget that each one of us has a unique identity, the only problem is we never give the chance to know the person well.

In order to prevent misunderstandings, you need to stop and reflect what kind of person you are dealing with. I am saying this because I myself wasn’t good at giving an ample time to read someone’s disposition. If you show me goodness in our first meeting, you have already won my heart and I will label you as a good person, however if you disappoint me then I have the impression that you can’t be a good friend. I had difficulty of adapting myself not to judge too quickly until recently, I guess my consciousness has finally woken up to reality.

I remembered back in the days, during my Psychology subject that learning all different personality types was only like giving a brand or generic name of each traits. The funny thing  is that all I thought, I would only see those traits inside the Mental Hospital however, it is so ironic that each one of us are categorized of which class do we belong.

Ambiverts are very flexible and fun to be with. They enjoy being around with people, however they become drained after a certain time, hence they needed a quiet time but not for too long. They recuperate themselves through social interaction and alone time. They become confused if you go beyond the limits of privacy that he/she wanted only to exposed. Ambiverts has a weird personality wherein you are enjoying their company but then there will be a day that ambiverts wouldn’t even want to see and talk to you. It doesn’t mean you’ve done wrong, they just need to be distant to have time to self contain. They are inclined to introvertion and these two can build a good relationship. The good thing about ambiverts, they are too naive, trusting people easily is their weakness without knowing that they have already opened up themselves, they are also loving and caring but once you break their trust, they can easily disappear in your life quietly in comparison to extroverts who can be loud and aggressive to voice out their feelings. If you have a friend or a lover who are ambiverts, then consider yourself a lucky one because you don’t have to take too  much effort to understand them. It is a foreseeable relationship that leads to a greater success.

Conflicts happen when two traits clashed without knowing what went wrong. Like for instance, you didn’t received a call from your boyfriend/girlfriend after spending a lovely day. You might not be aware that you are in a relationship with a person who are introverts, which you have to respect their privacy and do not interrupt them if you have not heard from him/her. Remember that Introverts main comfort zone is their alone time. Therefore you need to give them time to think and don’t demand instant answers. Their brain stimuli is mainly associated with processing thoughts, planning and solving problems. They are very unpredictable but you have to give yourself enough time to know them well before jumping into conclusion. Introverts are very observer, infact their personality are more interesting although sometimes ambiverts find them boring but give it a little time and you would be in the same world again.

Whilst Ambiverts and Introverts are close with each other, meeting Extroverts can be too much for ambiverts. Both traits are good at parties, social gatherings and group activities but ambiverts wouldn’t cope up of the level of energy and spontaneity of extroverts. Then ambiverts would go back to its introversion mode to balance itself.

As an ambivert, entering into our life isn’t hard, infact we are the real deal. You have both best of the world. There is never a dull moment and the feel of happiness and positive in life attracts other people. It is our nature that comes within us, that makes others wants to know us better. So if you have us in your life, learn to treasure the bond we give because not everyone can caught our attention, and if we does you have already occupied a space in our heart.

I would love to know which personality type do you belong. Leave a comment below and share your experience.



Discovering your own Happiness


Everyday that I wake up,  I always try  to instill into myself that I will live my day with a happy thoughts no matter what crap I would stumble all throughout my day. It is hard to be happy when you are hooked up with all the messed that wasn’t dealt or you let yourself ignored even you know yourself that one day you will come across into it and have no choice than to face and fixed it by yourself.

Happiness can only be acquire by how you treat yourself with love and respect. There is no shortcut on how to start being happy. It’s always down to you how intense you wanted your life to live at its maximum happiness. Sometimes, we put ourselves into a situation that we ended up being caught up and not realising how we put too much confusion and difficulties. Inevitably, as much as we wanted to always feel vibrant, there’s always a way to divert or reunite our spirit.


It is such a common word but once we forgive the person who hurt us, who made us once a fool or planted some promises and lies…one day, all these would be vanished. Holding on to those feelings of animosity will ineluctably consume you and won’t have the chance to grasp the benevolence of life. Learn to always have a forgiving heart because through this way, the person you will come across will see how good you are inside out, might be in a lot of anger inside you but through forgiving, the person who hurt you would one day realize how good a person you are. You only didn’t help yourself out but you helped that person to gain self respect, love and kindness.

Be Thankful

Whenever I looked around my surroundings, I am always thankful of what I have and what I have become as a person. I am not perfect but I am trying to be a blessing. I tried to balance my life and am still working on that. I am thankful that a part of me have shared some happiness to you. If my shortcomings has crossed your boundaries, always be reminded that I am naively once of a girl in me.

Friends, Family and loved ones

As much as I wanted to be with my families, I am miles and miles away with them and there’s no amount of money can repay your happiness through the arms of your family. Seeing their laughters and hearing their repeated stories makes your heart healthier. I am grateful that living in London is considered my second home with bunch of friends whom I know that if I needed them they are always there to the rescue. To build stability, you must make sure you are fully stable of yourself. Creating a loving relationship with your friends and family is an investment for a lifetime. No one can take this away from you unless you handled it wrongly.

Appreciating Nature

Living in the city of London has too much pressure. To live in the terrain or just a visit feels a million bucks to me. At the age of 30, I become a nature lover which is good for my daily life. As much as possible, I make sure I  alotted a portion of my whole year scheduled to travel and visit places. Of course going back to where I come from (Philippines) is my top priority. Simple things like this makes me whole and complete. The warmth of nature and the people in it is a huge contribution of my happiness.



London life

Spring Mode

Spring in the UK is the most exciting season for the majority of the people living in London. Everybody knows that we aren’t blessed with enough sunshine and daylight all year round but the thought of the clock changed and reaching the month of spring makes our heart and mind full of hope that it will be a glorious day.


Some of the people hates the british weather wherein one minute the sun is out then followed by the rain pouring out of nowhere. For me, I find it fascinating although sometimes I can’t help myself swearing just because my umbrella isn’t with me in the middle of a sudden rain fall. However, despite of the weather flaws, the beauty of spring in London is alluring. For the past 6 months, we have been wearing sweaters, jackets and coats on top of one another due to autumn and winter. Everyone can’t wait to strip off all these heavy coats and start showing off some skin for this season. I can’t wait to wear dresses without tights underneath, mini skirts with light top, sandals, heels and flip flops and of course denim shorts with crop top. It’s a dream of every woman to walk around the city with such a minimal outfit.


I thought my spring would be less troubled until I allowed myself to be on it. I guess, time has shown me the way to let loose a little bit. Yet, I am still confused if I am leading on the right way or I am stuck in the middle. I believe that everything has a reason and purpose, and I kept on finding what will be the outcome of this. I am talking about the tiny seed I planted on myself which keeps on coming back and forth. I don’t know if this is right and I know God sees my actions, emotions hears my prayers specially if I can’t take it anymore. If there is only one person who would carry me up it’s Him, the one up there who’s alive and always ready to forgive.


As I looked at my phone today for my daily inspirations here’s what He sends me:

Psalm 43:5

Why are you in despair, my soul? Why are you disturbed within me? Hope in God! For I shall still praise him: my Savior, my helper, and my God.

You see, he sees my heart and he knows I am about to write this blog. God is such an awesome God!

I could see that my season of Spring this year would be full of challenges. A lot of things to work out and I thank God that it is in the season of bright light and sunshine. There’s a lot of things to be greatful and blessed.

Here’s what I’ve learned from this special person whom I know for a long time. She said dearly “God sends people along your way with a purpose, it could give you happiness and touch your life or it could be a lesson or a blessing” recollecting of what she said is totally right. Feelings of happiness should come within and naturally. Nobody can tell and dictate that except yourself. I believe that the feeling of happiness in life shouldn’t be deprived. If you are happy you should flaunt it to the world because not all of us has given the gift of feeling completely happy and loved.


I don’t know how other people could live a life of misery and despair if they could get out of it. I stand corrected – that’s why God has given us the full freedom to choose what is right and wrong and it means we have the freedom to live our life in complete contentment with no room of confusions and fear.

For now it’s a wrap, looking forward for the rest of this season. For sure it will be exciting as I don’t open my door with negativity. If time comes I will hurt my knee because I fall, I’ll get up as soon as I can and will heal that wound straightaway.





Knowing Thyself

Have you ever asked yourself who really you are in this world? What is your life’s purpose? Which direction of life’s journey you are heading. I never asked nor imagined how well do I really know myself. All I know, I am the same like you living life from day to day.

We tend to think we are tough from every situation that  we are dealing. I must say that I am good at this, putting a brave face and instilling to myself that I CAN DO THIS. It does works sometimes, either win or fail at least I have spoken to myself and made in contact that this has to happen.

At one point I thought in every situation I would already know my intervention. Just like how other people knows themselves. However you wouldn’t really know yourself until you are in it. Sometimes you feel that you are a stranger to your own self. It sounds weird but it’s true and it seems like everything is foreseeable but it doesn’t.

I envy those people who sets limitations and follows religiously. I wish I could do that and I wish I am off limits on certain aspects of my life. I wish I could easily say no and turn my back hence I feel like I failed the people I dearly loved (my family, friends and to the ones who knows me).

The person that we’ve become is like a challenge, it needs to nourish and nurture otherwise it will fall apart. The realisation of yourself is not about how you dealt with it but how you owned it from the start. Nevertheless, it is not anymore about reaching to the end the final line of your race.



On the one hand, perhaps we are surrounded by people who supports us but on the other hand do we acknowledge these people in our lives. Does these people treating us the way we wanted to be treated.

Ask yourself “Do you really know who you are?” I’ve already asked mine and my answer to that I still don’t know. One day for sure I would come to know and if that happens I would be proud.




Spiritual life

My encounter with Jesus

I am not a religious type but all I know I have fear with God. I pray, read the bible, go to church every Sunday and I persevere to live a better person each day.

2 years ago was the most challenging year of my life. God put me to the test in a roller coaster way. When I knew I am already in it, I gave myself 2 choices either to stick with him or let go. I put a brave heart and strong soul, I know in any minute I am going to fall but I hold on tight.

One day, I went to Westminster Cathedral to pray and talk to him. I made a deal with God for him to give the favour on my side. It was a serious and intense heart to heart conversation. (I always see myself infront of the Blessed Sacrament every time I am in desperate need. It’s not only here in London but in the Philippines too.) There is something in the Blessed Sacrament that is calling me to open up my soul.



My church visits became regular. I lit candles, wrote prayer petitions, give tithes and plead for my appeal. I didn’t stopped, I patiently waited and waited for him until one night he appeared on my dreams. (I know this is not easy for some of you reading this to believe me, I am not here to persuade you and it’s fine if you want to exit this page. I am here to share and maybe touch someone’s life).


Jesus appeared on my dreams. He was lying on a wooden board. When I saw the crowd of people with prayer petitions on their hand, I went closer and saw him lying. I whispered my prayer and all I know He stood up on a long white dress. He was very tall and he held my hand. At that moment, I cried heavily, my heart was broken into pieces. I told him “please grant my prayers” he looked at me by his eyes saying “don’t cry everything will be fine”. At that point I suddenly woke up, my heart was shattered, still felt the cry with Jesus.

On that day  I was eager to know the meaning of my dreams. I remember I knew this nun who was a friend of Mother Theresa. I   contacted Sister Brunette she lives in Southall with the other nuns. I spoke with her over the phone and told her about my dreams and this is what she said ” there was a suffering, that moment when Jesus stood up was a Resurrection (where he died on the cross and rose again) ” she said I am lucky not everyone was given an opportunity to encounter him.

Sister Brunette was right I suffered for almost a year but in the end the victory was bestowed on me.

My faith with Jesus was the passport towards his heart. He doesn’t give trials that we can’t handle. He loves us so much that he is teaching us to rely on him. He is alive and always will be.

I hope somehow you will treat my blog as a tool reminding that life is beautiful, no matter what you are going through right now there’s always God. Call on him, be bold on your prayer.

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