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Closet Rule #1

Invest in good materials.

Choose varieties of colours, this depends on your style but do not just stick on one colour to fill your wardrobe.

Do not follow fashion, there are fashionable pieces that doesn’t suit your body type.

Dressing up goes with how you feel. Sometimes you just want to wear your most comfortable clothes and that’s fine.

Experiment, experiment, experiment  that clothes you have in your closet.


Till my next closet tour….  

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Wieliczka Salt Mine (Poland)


Wieliczka located in southern Poland is one of the most famous and world class tourist attraction listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is 10 km away from the centre of  Krakow. We travelled by bus but you can use train too from the railway station of Krakow Glowny. I advise to book your ticket in advance online to prevent a long queu. The bus will drop you at Kopalnia Soli, just at the main road of the Salt Mine.



I fell in love of the place, away from the metropolitan area, the peaceful ambiance away from crowded people, traffic and pollution made me want to stay more. As we were heading to the Salt Mine (about 5 minutes walk) , I was trying to figure out how can there be a mine underneath my footstep. We bought our ticket inside the main building and joined the group with an English guide. Before you reach Level 1 (photo below) you will be going down on a round wooden staircase a 64 metres deep, take note that this is only the beginning of your main journey as you explore the 20 chambers that is 135 metres below from the Level 1. If you are claustrophobic you might be having a hard time going down the staircase as it’s very narrow. I was nervous as I thought it would be the same all throughout however the wonder below the ground was beyond my imagination.


The Salt Mine compared no less magnificient and breathtaking than the Egyptian pyramids. No wonder it is one of the famous tourist attraction all over the world. Everything around me is made of salt, I was so close of trying to taste it as I touched and feel how marvellous and artistic it was built.


Every chambers has its own story, an amazing and inspiring history that makes you appreciate that what we call hard work on our daily job is incomparable to what was like before. Those people who built this mine, I call them a legend, the life that they had to live in order to support their families sacrificing themselves to be a miner is heroic.


Photos were taken on the main highlights of the chamber on the lower ground (135 metres below) and last stop you would be, there’s more to see inside, they have shops to buy for souvenirs, restaurants that serves lovely food at affordable price. Do you believe that inside the salt mine can cater an event or functions? Photo below is where they held. Very impressive!


I highly recommend to eat inside the Salt Mine restaurant, food was delicious!

All made of salt.


As I end my visit, I felt reborn from the old age. I learned a lot about life before and now. The life that we have right now is a pleasure to live in, we must embrace and take good care of it. Everything we want can be easily achieve but we tend to be unappreciative. Look at your surroundings how lucky and bless we are, we have a wonderful life ahead of us.

On my next blog, I will be taking you to Auswitz – Birkenau the largest Nazi death camp.

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Krakow, Poland

Krakow is one of the most beautiful oldest cities in Poland located near the border of Czech Republic. The stunning aura of this second largest city of Poland are filled with wonder and amazement.


Polish people are very kind and approachable. There’s no need to learn their language as majority of them speaks English. Their mode of transportation can be access by bus, taxis and tram lines. They have no underground metro system in comparison to other parts of Europe. I enjoyed mostly riding trams as we don’t have it in London. Crossing the road to catch the other line is so weird and confusing, in the end I encapsulated myself like a pro.


Everything you buy in the city is a lot cheaper than the rest of Europe that I’ve been so far. Polish food are adorable and delightful. Again, it’s the only city I enjoyed very much, the varieties of vegetables, fish and meat was unbelievable and knowing the amount of money it cost could be paid twice as much of the price offered. I have no more words to explain how rich and savory their food and a nonstop uttered words to  my friend that “I could live here forever”.  Indeed, my stay  was a combine of a great holiday and healthy eating.


Rynek  Glowny, is the Krakow’s main market square. It is one of the largest medieval squares in Europe surrounded with elegant houses. It is the centre where people gather for celebrations such as parades, Christmas crib competition and other important events the city has to celebrate. Numerous restaurants, shops, street foods can never be missed. Their nightlife has the best bars, pubs and clubs that attracts tourist. Drinks and cocktails are very cheap that’s why it is one of the ultimate main place for stag do and hen nights. If you want a weekend blast on your special events, this city is what you are looking for.



Krakow is very under rated when it comes to holiday destination. Nobody can state how wonderful this city is until you see it yourself.

As I continue my journey, I explored one of the world class attraction listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site the Wielickzka Salt Mine (Poland). Follow me as I travel Europe with an open mind, on my next blog I will be venturing inside Wielickzka and the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz – Birkenau.

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