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Summer London List


Check out hidden parks that I had never been though I’ve been living here for so long

Eat lots of ice cream while walking in the street

Of course, take more cool selfies

Meet friends and go for window shopping

Workout more

Sit in a cafe

Wear fashion clothes, the lighter the better

Blog religiously

Plan for summer travel trip

Explore the rest of the city, London has plenty of good restaurants to try


Be more nice to people

Work hard for the future plans

Be more caring and loving

Be the best person that I could be

Have a forgiving heart


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Auswitz Birkenau

Through the valley of death we shall seek our heart. Those who laid their lives believing that a liberation shall come in the mid silence of the night. The famine, executions, torture and brutality of each individual who suffers demoralized their humanity. The unending arrivals of the innocent children, the young and the old, men and women lost their lives hoping that there’s a better life waiting for them.

This symbol of human cruelty, still on going nowadays,  just in different forms. It’s a vicious cycle that the ones who have the power have the control. We, the righteous, are selfless hoping that we are one united nation.

img_1009 img_0976




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Wieliczka Salt Mine (Poland)


Wieliczka located in southern Poland is one of the most famous and world class tourist attraction listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is 10 km away from the centre of  Krakow. We travelled by bus but you can use train too from the railway station of Krakow Glowny. I advise to book your ticket in advance online to prevent a long queu. The bus will drop you at Kopalnia Soli, just at the main road of the Salt Mine.



I fell in love of the place, away from the metropolitan area, the peaceful ambiance away from crowded people, traffic and pollution made me want to stay more. As we were heading to the Salt Mine (about 5 minutes walk) , I was trying to figure out how can there be a mine underneath my footstep. We bought our ticket inside the main building and joined the group with an English guide. Before you reach Level 1 (photo below) you will be going down on a round wooden staircase a 64 metres deep, take note that this is only the beginning of your main journey as you explore the 20 chambers that is 135 metres below from the Level 1. If you are claustrophobic you might be having a hard time going down the staircase as it’s very narrow. I was nervous as I thought it would be the same all throughout however the wonder below the ground was beyond my imagination.


The Salt Mine compared no less magnificient and breathtaking than the Egyptian pyramids. No wonder it is one of the famous tourist attraction all over the world. Everything around me is made of salt, I was so close of trying to taste it as I touched and feel how marvellous and artistic it was built.


Every chambers has its own story, an amazing and inspiring history that makes you appreciate that what we call hard work on our daily job is incomparable to what was like before. Those people who built this mine, I call them a legend, the life that they had to live in order to support their families sacrificing themselves to be a miner is heroic.


Photos were taken on the main highlights of the chamber on the lower ground (135 metres below) and last stop you would be, there’s more to see inside, they have shops to buy for souvenirs, restaurants that serves lovely food at affordable price. Do you believe that inside the salt mine can cater an event or functions? Photo below is where they held. Very impressive!


I highly recommend to eat inside the Salt Mine restaurant, food was delicious!

All made of salt.


As I end my visit, I felt reborn from the old age. I learned a lot about life before and now. The life that we have right now is a pleasure to live in, we must embrace and take good care of it. Everything we want can be easily achieve but we tend to be unappreciative. Look at your surroundings how lucky and bless we are, we have a wonderful life ahead of us.

On my next blog, I will be taking you to Auswitz – Birkenau the largest Nazi death camp.

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Krakow, Poland

Krakow is one of the most beautiful oldest cities in Poland located near the border of Czech Republic. The stunning aura of this second largest city of Poland are filled with wonder and amazement.


Polish people are very kind and approachable. There’s no need to learn their language as majority of them speaks English. Their mode of transportation can be access by bus, taxis and tram lines. They have no underground metro system in comparison to other parts of Europe. I enjoyed mostly riding trams as we don’t have it in London. Crossing the road to catch the other line is so weird and confusing, in the end I encapsulated myself like a pro.


Everything you buy in the city is a lot cheaper than the rest of Europe that I’ve been so far. Polish food are adorable and delightful. Again, it’s the only city I enjoyed very much, the varieties of vegetables, fish and meat was unbelievable and knowing the amount of money it cost could be paid twice as much of the price offered. I have no more words to explain how rich and savory their food and a nonstop uttered words to  my friend that “I could live here forever”.  Indeed, my stay  was a combine of a great holiday and healthy eating.


Rynek  Glowny, is the Krakow’s main market square. It is one of the largest medieval squares in Europe surrounded with elegant houses. It is the centre where people gather for celebrations such as parades, Christmas crib competition and other important events the city has to celebrate. Numerous restaurants, shops, street foods can never be missed. Their nightlife has the best bars, pubs and clubs that attracts tourist. Drinks and cocktails are very cheap that’s why it is one of the ultimate main place for stag do and hen nights. If you want a weekend blast on your special events, this city is what you are looking for.



Krakow is very under rated when it comes to holiday destination. Nobody can state how wonderful this city is until you see it yourself.

As I continue my journey, I explored one of the world class attraction listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site the Wielickzka Salt Mine (Poland). Follow me as I travel Europe with an open mind, on my next blog I will be venturing inside Wielickzka and the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz – Birkenau.

Please follow and share this blog on your social media. Not all can afford to travel and this blog can inspire anyone who reads that our world is not just all on politics, hate and war. A simple travel can make someone hope that life is beautiful and blessed.


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img_2384I didn’t realised that having a blog is like a relationship. You need to have a sense of commitment if you want it running. I just took a little break and so I sincerely apologised if I had not been blogging but my thoughts have been always with you all who reads my page across the globe.

I just renewed my site today, I have been contemplating if it’s still worthwhile to keep it. Every time I checked my email, wordpress kept on sending me a notice that it’s about to expire and if I don’t renew I will lose it permanently. The feeling is like someone wants to take a property of yours and I am not ready to give it up. I have a lot to share and I’m very excited to be back!

2016 was a year of travel for me. I visited a lot of places across Europe which was all done by  random impulse. It’s good to take a break and feel revitalise from the repetitive lifestyle that we have. No matter how far or close the distance we take as long as we give time ourselves to breathe, it gives us a feeling of relief that there’s more to life than what’s on our plate right now.

2017 plans has already been organised, bit scary but let’s see how it goes. I have two trips coming this February and March. If you don’t follow me yet on Instagram, please do @kellydimp I use hashtag travellynea for all my travels and I consistently post my fashion and lifestyle.

So I have 2 lined blog post to come let me know which one should I post first. Updated Perfume Collection or another Travel blog? Let me know on the comment below and I look forward to be writing again.





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5 Amazing Cities

Some people say “travelling is good for the body and soul”, I could not fathom out this slogan, although I was surrounded by friends who loves to travel and see the world. I am embarrassed to say but I thought people who jumped out of the country and hop in on one place to another are “sad”… I thought they are running away for something in their life that they don’t know how to handle, therefore their way of dealing is escaping from where they are… And this mental notion of mine are totally DELUSIONAL! as I was completely wrong.

My widely personal perspective about travelling came into existence when I started to travel and see the world. Whenever I found myself into a foreign land, I feel like I am attaching myself into myself. Leaving behind all those duties and responsibilities is such a heavenly feeling, like a little girl left alone inside the candy store.

Here are my 5 Amazing Recommended Cities which for sure you have had seen already or about to explore in your life.

  1. London, UK– I am not being biased but I highly recommend this beautiful city where I live in, to be your top list. Here are the following notes you might want to consider before landing here..bring varieties of clothes as british weather will welcome you anytime, try the local fish and chips to ease your curiosity, bring extra cash or credit cards..the more you stay the more it gets expensive…, get the hop on hop off tour bus if it’s your first time (travel infos are helpful to know the histories of each places), take advantage of the historical museums (most are free to get in) make selfies on the House of Parliament, London Eye and Tower Bridge and oopppsss don’t forget to visit the Queens Kingdom at the Buckingham Palace, wanna meet the locals? certainly go to pubs and coffee shops that’s where they hide out, for shopping visit Harrods if you want to splurge and for more affordable ones walk around along the Oxford Street where lots of shops awaiting for you. The rest I will leave it all up for you to explore and if you bump at me by chance don’t forget to say hi, I am friendly and approachable.


2. Paris, France – This is my 2nd best city, very self explanatory as everybody loves Paris. There’s always two things I want to do in this sweet romantic city. First is to eat macaroons in the Laduree and take a nonstop selfie on the Eiffel Tower. Walk as much as you want, because every corner has always something to say. If you are with your love ones, it’s your moment to have a sweet heart to heart talk expressing your feelings not everyone have the opportunity to be on that certain spot creating a memorable memories of your love life. Eat lots of ice-cream and crepe under the Eiffel tower and try to speak French, not all locals speak your language. If you want to see more in depth check my Paris trip for more details.



3. Rome, Italy – If you are a history lover or if you want to take yourself back in the old times, I must say this is a place for you. What I love about this city, is how they took care and preserved their monuments and museums such as the Vatican and the Colosseum for us to see in real life that it actually exist. Exploring inside the Colosseum is my best highlight knowing that it was used by gladiatorial battle in the early medieval era. This city has a lot to offer on your travel story. Take a lot of photos, capturing their breath taking city is a wonderful privileged.





4. Barcelona, Spain – I could described this city as a big playground. Each tourist spot such as Park Guell and Sagrada Familia are fabulously built to fascinate our eyes and captivate our heart how the great architects done a marvellous job for our advantage. There’s more to see in this beautiful city, by metro you can easily take a dip to their Barceloneta beach, make sure to eat lots of Paella and drink their tasty Sangria.


5. Madrid, Spain – My expectation to this city was beyond absolute treasure. While I was on the train heading to Madrid from Barcelona, I didn’t expect much. As I began my journey, it slowly sunk in me how astounding and breathtaking every corner I stepped to. Mercado y San Miguel is my favourite place as I had to try a varieties of local foods, Plaza Mayor is beautiful make sure you take a solo photo, Prado National Museum for art lovers and they have great shopping centre. By the way, did I say that Madrilenian at my glance are sophisticated and ambitious.


Travel while you are young, you might be surprised how great your life will turned into. Be a explorer and creator of your own memories.

Imagine a baby inside the mothers womb, for 9 months the baby is slowly and gradually exploring his surroundings until he is ready to come out. This means that we were born as a explorer, there’s a tiny soft spot in ourselves that is waiting to be discover.

Sometimes we just need to let go of ourselves, pack and travel where our hearts headed us to. We tend to overthink and analyse life too much where in fact life has great wonderful things to offer us.


I subdivided this into 2 parts, therefore on my next blog another 5 more exciting cities to be posted.

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Disclaimer: This blog is not sponsored.




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My 5 Beauty Secrets

Every woman has their own beauty secrets. I must admit that I started being conscious to my beauty regime when I was on my late 20’s. Looking back, I wasn’t very clever in looking after my skin. Hence, I developed bad blemishes, pimples and acne. As I go along doing my research, reading magazines and articles about skincare,  I ended up realising the best and right way to achieve and enhance my beauty.


1. I know it’s a cliche but Drinking lots of water a day is very imperative to your skin. Keeping it hydrated at all times is the very baseline of your next beauty goal. I always have water in me whereever I go, I couldn’t live without holding a bottle of water. Next to my bed has always a 1.5 litre of water. If am at work I have my own water bottle and when I’m out I always have it in my handbag or hand.

The reason why it’s important is because water replenishes the cells in our body to keep it oxygenated and it removes toxic waste. Not enough intake of water would lead to dehydration, as a result your skin is prone to ageing. This leads to early wrinkles around your forehead, those cat eye wrinkle looking beside your eyes and a dry skin is an indication that your water intake wasn’t enough to accommodate your body.



2. Never go to bed without washing your face. Use gentle cleanser, if you have blemishes or acne never rub your face abrasively. I was doing this before and I did realised it made my skin more sensitive and worst. Here’s my skin care step by step. I religiously do this every single day and night. Follow this to achieve a healthy skin, it doesn’t need to be the same products, choose what suits your skin type.

I cleanse with Clinique take the day off cleansing balm then I wash with water and Simple face wash. Cleanse in the morning and at night.

After cleansing, I use Clinique Anti blemish toner. I have sensitive skin and my tips to some of you who has the same skin problem use toner that has glycolic acid this helps diminish blemishes and repairs the outer layer of your skin. Be reminded to use sunscreen as your skin is susceptible to sunburn.

Always use serum underneath your moisturiser. Serums are fast absorbing ingredients, they are more effective than your holy grail moisturisers. If you are targeting to treat your skin, invest in your serum that has the ingredients to heal your skin problem. I am a serum believer and I think it is one of the main culprit why my skin is healthy and less prone to blemishes.

Moisturise after serum all the time. This acts your face shield, always use moisturiser with sunscreen. Also, include eye cream in your routine to prevent dark eyes and wrinkles. I use  Nuxe eye cream. In the morning I use moisturiser with SPF50 such as Kiehls and Nuxe. At night, I use La Roshe Posay. For more in depth head over to My Secret to Clear Skin

Never sleep with make up on. Be kind to your skin that’s the least thing you can do.


3. Use makeup when it is needed. I pretty much use make up everyday when I am out of the house such as when I am at work, meeting friends and travelling. My motive is not to hide my imperfections but to look presentable all the time. However, when I am at home I always make sure I give my skin a break to breathe which is a no make up on.

Always remember that makeup is an art. It is a way of enhancing your beauty. It gives you a feeling of self esteem and a feeling of joy whenever you are having an alone time applying your makeup.


4. Dress appropriately. To build that confidence to yourself always consider your outlook. I always noticed that a pretty face who doesn’t know how to dress accordingly needs to be reminded the proper way to dress up.

Be kind to yourself, how you clothe gives an instant first impression to someones eye. I always have this attitude that I give my first impression to a person on how he dressed up. I am always impressed when someone looks after himself through the clothes he wear. Choose clothes that suits your body type. Check my recent blog Tips on Fashion Style


5. Always seek for your own peace and happiness. Beauty radiates within your soul. You cannot portray your real image if you are disturbed. Hence give yourself a clear out, free from stress, go and see places, meet your friends and do things that will inspire you to live.

Beauty is not just all about the outer aspect of yourself. Having a peace of mind and heart, everything will fall into a beautiful YOU.



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog. My goal is to share my experience and touch someones heart to be informed that everything has a way out if you are trapped to your present condition.

If you have questions and suggestions, feel free to comment below.

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Venice, Italy (sweet trip)

Travelling is one of the most favourite aspects of my life. It gives me a broad perspectives of how life it should be, to take a break and being kind and allowing myself to see beautiful places, learn different languages, meet the locals and the most important part is to grasp how one’s culture evolve.

Venice has been one of my list to visit, my curiosity of their mode of transportation is the main reason why I booked this trip. There is no car, subways or other form of vehicles, it’s all  via water. Early mornings, big boats were loaded with goods and services to be delivered on the main land. The narrow canals amazed me most how taxi and gondolas managed to squeeze in on a very steep passageways. I am sure that’s the uniqueness of Venetians, to impress their tourists and cater the best services their city offers.

Every corner in Venice are very much consisted of canals, it’s a place to allow yourself to get lost and wonder the beauty of each style and story it depicts. What I enjoyed most was every places I wanted to see was reached by walking, I was just perhaps lucky that my hotel was located in the centre and I don’t need to use taxi or gondola to transfer me from one place to another.

San Marco Square is so beautiful and mesmerising. It is hidden in the heart of Venice. The massive St Mark’s Basilica’s architecture is so unique. I didn’t had the chance to go inside due to the longest queue I’ve never seen in my life. The sunny weather with blue sky is just so perfect match of the facade of each historical infrastructure.

San Marco Basilica


St Mark’s Square


Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace)
Libreria Sansoviniana (Library)


Piazza San Marco


Let’s talk about Venetian food which consists of wide varieties of pizza, pasta, pastries, ice cream and different beverages. Their food is my main comfort as Italian foods are my favourite. Reasonable cost, I must say and everything was prepared fresh and cooked deliciously. My diet was definitely on hold during this trip.


This is my trip that I didn’t had to use map to locate me around the city, I wanted to walked into each narrow roads and explore the place. There’s a lot of shops for shopping and bars to sit for drinks. I could see myself paying another visit to this alluring place. Summer time is definitely the best time to travel in Venice. It is nice to wear light clothes and soak under the sun while drinking spritz or having your ice cream.

Also, this is the city where it opened my eyes of the amount of Catholic Churches located in almost every corner. Italians are very Catholics, how they give importance of their religion shows the uniqueness of each church.

Below photos are shots taken from every corner of the city. Watch out for my next blog post as I travelled to Padova, Milan and Lake Como, Italy. I’m @kellydimple05 on Instagram if you want to follow this trip.