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Summer London List


Check out hidden parks that I had never been though I’ve been living here for so long

Eat lots of ice cream while walking in the street

Of course, take more cool selfies

Meet friends and go for window shopping

Workout more

Sit in a cafe

Wear fashion clothes, the lighter the better

Blog religiously

Plan for summer travel trip

Explore the rest of the city, London has plenty of good restaurants to try


Be more nice to people

Work hard for the future plans

Be more caring and loving

Be the best person that I could be

Have a forgiving heart


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Closet Rule #1

Invest in good materials.

Choose varieties of colours, this depends on your style but do not just stick on one colour to fill your wardrobe.

Do not follow fashion, there are fashionable pieces that doesn’t suit your body type.

Dressing up goes with how you feel. Sometimes you just want to wear your most comfortable clothes and that’s fine.

Experiment, experiment, experiment  that clothes you have in your closet.


Till my next closet tour….  

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5 Amazing Cities

Some people say “travelling is good for the body and soul”, I could not fathom out this slogan, although I was surrounded by friends who loves to travel and see the world. I am embarrassed to say but I thought people who jumped out of the country and hop in on one place to another are “sad”… I thought they are running away for something in their life that they don’t know how to handle, therefore their way of dealing is escaping from where they are… And this mental notion of mine are totally DELUSIONAL! as I was completely wrong.

My widely personal perspective about travelling came into existence when I started to travel and see the world. Whenever I found myself into a foreign land, I feel like I am attaching myself into myself. Leaving behind all those duties and responsibilities is such a heavenly feeling, like a little girl left alone inside the candy store.

Here are my 5 Amazing Recommended Cities which for sure you have had seen already or about to explore in your life.

  1. London, UK– I am not being biased but I highly recommend this beautiful city where I live in, to be your top list. Here are the following notes you might want to consider before landing here..bring varieties of clothes as british weather will welcome you anytime, try the local fish and chips to ease your curiosity, bring extra cash or credit cards..the more you stay the more it gets expensive…, get the hop on hop off tour bus if it’s your first time (travel infos are helpful to know the histories of each places), take advantage of the historical museums (most are free to get in) make selfies on the House of Parliament, London Eye and Tower Bridge and oopppsss don’t forget to visit the Queens Kingdom at the Buckingham Palace, wanna meet the locals? certainly go to pubs and coffee shops that’s where they hide out, for shopping visit Harrods if you want to splurge and for more affordable ones walk around along the Oxford Street where lots of shops awaiting for you. The rest I will leave it all up for you to explore and if you bump at me by chance don’t forget to say hi, I am friendly and approachable.


2. Paris, France – This is my 2nd best city, very self explanatory as everybody loves Paris. There’s always two things I want to do in this sweet romantic city. First is to eat macaroons in the Laduree and take a nonstop selfie on the Eiffel Tower. Walk as much as you want, because every corner has always something to say. If you are with your love ones, it’s your moment to have a sweet heart to heart talk expressing your feelings not everyone have the opportunity to be on that certain spot creating a memorable memories of your love life. Eat lots of ice-cream and crepe under the Eiffel tower and try to speak French, not all locals speak your language. If you want to see more in depth check my Paris trip for more details.



3. Rome, Italy – If you are a history lover or if you want to take yourself back in the old times, I must say this is a place for you. What I love about this city, is how they took care and preserved their monuments and museums such as the Vatican and the Colosseum for us to see in real life that it actually exist. Exploring inside the Colosseum is my best highlight knowing that it was used by gladiatorial battle in the early medieval era. This city has a lot to offer on your travel story. Take a lot of photos, capturing their breath taking city is a wonderful privileged.





4. Barcelona, Spain – I could described this city as a big playground. Each tourist spot such as Park Guell and Sagrada Familia are fabulously built to fascinate our eyes and captivate our heart how the great architects done a marvellous job for our advantage. There’s more to see in this beautiful city, by metro you can easily take a dip to their Barceloneta beach, make sure to eat lots of Paella and drink their tasty Sangria.


5. Madrid, Spain – My expectation to this city was beyond absolute treasure. While I was on the train heading to Madrid from Barcelona, I didn’t expect much. As I began my journey, it slowly sunk in me how astounding and breathtaking every corner I stepped to. Mercado y San Miguel is my favourite place as I had to try a varieties of local foods, Plaza Mayor is beautiful make sure you take a solo photo, Prado National Museum for art lovers and they have great shopping centre. By the way, did I say that Madrilenian at my glance are sophisticated and ambitious.


Travel while you are young, you might be surprised how great your life will turned into. Be a explorer and creator of your own memories.

Imagine a baby inside the mothers womb, for 9 months the baby is slowly and gradually exploring his surroundings until he is ready to come out. This means that we were born as a explorer, there’s a tiny soft spot in ourselves that is waiting to be discover.

Sometimes we just need to let go of ourselves, pack and travel where our hearts headed us to. We tend to overthink and analyse life too much where in fact life has great wonderful things to offer us.


I subdivided this into 2 parts, therefore on my next blog another 5 more exciting cities to be posted.

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4 Shopping tips!


People who knows me would probably laugh at me once this blog will be published in an hour or so… Some of my friends are my top critics when it comes to my shopping doze. For most of you who don’t know me, I am not a “Richie rich girl next door”, I worked hard for my things, and the story behind my realization about giving you a wiser tips for most of you who loves to invade the high streets and shopping malls starts here…my short trip to Korea back in 2006.

I went to visit my parents in Seoul, Korea last 2006. It was my first travel abroad on my own.. I fell in love of the city specially their shopping styles. Walking on the streets and taking their subway mesmerized me, Koreans know how to dress well, very trendy and fashionable. At that time, it certainly opens my curiosity about fashion and shopping..

Handbags caught my attention in their shopping center, it was very chic and varieties of colors excites me to own not only one but two or more… and my wish did come true… my parents, aunt and cousins bought me a handbag one each of them so basically I accumulated 6 pieces of handbags! I was so thrilled and amazed! I had to buy a bigger luggage to fit all these stuffs..

Looking back, those handbags were gone, slowly the skin was ripping off and it didn’t held me for few years..I was deeply gutted as I started to enjoy using it.

Here are my Top tips to your Shopping list:

1. Handbags – Do you know the reason why majority of the people invest in a good quality handbags? It is the long lasting use, that makes them buy although the price tags is over the top. Let’s say for example a Louis Vuitton handbag that cost £845.00 or a Mulberry that cost £450.00 If you think of it, our first thought we can’t afford because it’s a one off payment and it’s already a cost of your rent. However, if you are the type of person who loves handbags and almost every month you shop in the high streets due to different styles that comes out every season. If you add it up in a year, I bet you, you have already reached the same price of that classic, leather and never out of fashion piece that will held you for years…. and you might pass it on to your daughter if you are wiser on your shopping choice.

Therefore if you are the type of person who craves for a good quality bag, I say SAVE until you reach the price, go buy and never hold back, one day you will realize your money is all worth it. ( I do this for 8 years now, and it all works ladies..) I have a handbag that I bought last 2009, until now it is still intact and usable, never goes out of fashion. I  got it for £545.00 and my recent check in the market, it cost £920.00. The value appreciates which is a good point..

Delightful MM LV
Photo taken in Rome, Italy 2010

2. MakeupsThe reason why makeup industries are getting bigger and bigger to the point that every season new makeup comes out is because to all of collectors. How many blushers and lipsticks should a one person own in their life? Do you really need to fill up your makeup vanity to the extent that you still need to order in IKEA another makeup drawer organizers and after that it’s a must for you to buy more because there’s plenty of room to check in all your makeup stuffs.

I am saying this by my past experience, now I have learned to minimized and de clutter. If you haven’t tried this yet, why don’t you start now! If you owned red and pink lipstick, you don’t need to hunt for another same color. As a makeup lover and user, pick your most loved brand and color and stick to it! Mine, when it comes to red lipstick( Nars Audatious Rita is my go to…) for pink (YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats 207) I still have varieties but I stopped buying for almost a year now. I realized that I don’t need anymore unless I finished what I loved. If you watch Youtube, makeup bloggers and makeup gurus does de clutter their collections because they must have realized that it’s not worthy to own hundreds…and remember MAKEUP does EXPIRE!


3. AccessoriesHave you ever experienced to buy a fashion earrings, necklace or bracelet that cost less than £20.00 after a week it went tarnish and the color fades. I do, when the time I was a compulsive buyer. What is the point of buying those things if you are going to disposed it after a week or less than a month. Why not buy a real one. I mean, silver works does a pretty good job, quality will served you for ages and that’s for sure! If you can’t afford to buy a gold jewelry or a white diamond, I have two piece of advice for you. It’s either you Save or downsize to silver works.

Fashioned accessories are good in the eye, it’s good for a short term use or for some occasions. The question is, are you ready to dispose your money on that short span of time?

4. Shoes – You are allowed to have a couple of shoes that you wanted in life as long as you think you will use it rather than leaving it untouched on your shoe rack. I am guilty of these, I am always questioned why do I keep a lot of shoes under my bed…Why do I keep on buying if I never use it…well not anymore! I go for a comfortable purposes..If you work long hours, never ever deprive yourself to purchase the pair of shoes you wanted. You definitely need it!


Don’t be a shoe brand snob. Most of us only know Nike, Jordan and Adidas. Recently, I purchased a Puma Roshe type of trainer, I must honestly say that the quality and feel on my foot was way better than my Nike Roshe. The price point is half price cheaper than the Nike. Therefore, try to experiment and don’t just go on what is well advertised. Big brands do well on advertisements because they had invested already on their products while low good brands keep their name even not giving us a flushy market on the platform.


They say Shopping is a Cardio.. On my personal perspective, it is a cardio once you started giving yourself a time to decide which is more important and beneficial to your life.

Life is short, enjoy and have fun…


Disclaimer: This blog is not sponsored. Products mentioned above are my own preference.



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My 5 Beauty Secrets

Every woman has their own beauty secrets. I must admit that I started being conscious to my beauty regime when I was on my late 20’s. Looking back, I wasn’t very clever in looking after my skin. Hence, I developed bad blemishes, pimples and acne. As I go along doing my research, reading magazines and articles about skincare,  I ended up realising the best and right way to achieve and enhance my beauty.


1. I know it’s a cliche but Drinking lots of water a day is very imperative to your skin. Keeping it hydrated at all times is the very baseline of your next beauty goal. I always have water in me whereever I go, I couldn’t live without holding a bottle of water. Next to my bed has always a 1.5 litre of water. If am at work I have my own water bottle and when I’m out I always have it in my handbag or hand.

The reason why it’s important is because water replenishes the cells in our body to keep it oxygenated and it removes toxic waste. Not enough intake of water would lead to dehydration, as a result your skin is prone to ageing. This leads to early wrinkles around your forehead, those cat eye wrinkle looking beside your eyes and a dry skin is an indication that your water intake wasn’t enough to accommodate your body.



2. Never go to bed without washing your face. Use gentle cleanser, if you have blemishes or acne never rub your face abrasively. I was doing this before and I did realised it made my skin more sensitive and worst. Here’s my skin care step by step. I religiously do this every single day and night. Follow this to achieve a healthy skin, it doesn’t need to be the same products, choose what suits your skin type.

I cleanse with Clinique take the day off cleansing balm then I wash with water and Simple face wash. Cleanse in the morning and at night.

After cleansing, I use Clinique Anti blemish toner. I have sensitive skin and my tips to some of you who has the same skin problem use toner that has glycolic acid this helps diminish blemishes and repairs the outer layer of your skin. Be reminded to use sunscreen as your skin is susceptible to sunburn.

Always use serum underneath your moisturiser. Serums are fast absorbing ingredients, they are more effective than your holy grail moisturisers. If you are targeting to treat your skin, invest in your serum that has the ingredients to heal your skin problem. I am a serum believer and I think it is one of the main culprit why my skin is healthy and less prone to blemishes.

Moisturise after serum all the time. This acts your face shield, always use moisturiser with sunscreen. Also, include eye cream in your routine to prevent dark eyes and wrinkles. I use  Nuxe eye cream. In the morning I use moisturiser with SPF50 such as Kiehls and Nuxe. At night, I use La Roshe Posay. For more in depth head over to My Secret to Clear Skin

Never sleep with make up on. Be kind to your skin that’s the least thing you can do.


3. Use makeup when it is needed. I pretty much use make up everyday when I am out of the house such as when I am at work, meeting friends and travelling. My motive is not to hide my imperfections but to look presentable all the time. However, when I am at home I always make sure I give my skin a break to breathe which is a no make up on.

Always remember that makeup is an art. It is a way of enhancing your beauty. It gives you a feeling of self esteem and a feeling of joy whenever you are having an alone time applying your makeup.


4. Dress appropriately. To build that confidence to yourself always consider your outlook. I always noticed that a pretty face who doesn’t know how to dress accordingly needs to be reminded the proper way to dress up.

Be kind to yourself, how you clothe gives an instant first impression to someones eye. I always have this attitude that I give my first impression to a person on how he dressed up. I am always impressed when someone looks after himself through the clothes he wear. Choose clothes that suits your body type. Check my recent blog Tips on Fashion Style


5. Always seek for your own peace and happiness. Beauty radiates within your soul. You cannot portray your real image if you are disturbed. Hence give yourself a clear out, free from stress, go and see places, meet your friends and do things that will inspire you to live.

Beauty is not just all about the outer aspect of yourself. Having a peace of mind and heart, everything will fall into a beautiful YOU.



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog. My goal is to share my experience and touch someones heart to be informed that everything has a way out if you are trapped to your present condition.

If you have questions and suggestions, feel free to comment below.

Majority of my friends aren’t bloggers hence they don’t have an access to spread this blog so if you are a blogger reading this please share to your social media, it’s a way of helping others not for my own sake. It will be very much appreciated.

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Tips on Fashion Style

Never in my life I would thought that my love of fashion would grown on me. Living in London surrounded with shops full of fashion trends inspires me on how to style and dress up well. Every time, I go to the high street and shop for clothes, I don’t imitate the latest trend instead I follow my heart what I think would be best for me to wear on that certain event or occasion.

  1. Invest basic pieces in your wardrobe. Black and White color would be a great contrast, and always add a pop up color so it won’t look dull. Any colored shoes is a good choice. To look chic, never overdo with accessories, just wear a small earring, simple necklace and a watch. To finish the look red lipstick is your best friend.


2. To look more lively, don’t be scared of colors. This black and white small print of skirt needs a pair of any detailed top if you want to be more stylish. Pair it with the same color of your sandals or shoes in order to stand out.


3. I must admit I fell in love the first time I saw Culottes coming back in season. It’s such a cool vibe however be careful on what to match. I chose this cut out shoulder top from Oasis I got this Culottes from Zara last year, as soon as I saw it I knew I will wear it a lot and it will stay as my staple pieces in my wardrobe. I got two of this, a cream color and this black. You can either wear this with a high heels, ankle cut out or close boots, and of course a trainer for comfy purposes is advisable.image

4. Tube top sometimes can be tricky to wear. Plain colors are more versatile to pair with blue jeans or shorts. Too much detailed on a tube top doesn’t accentuate your figure. For this look, less accessories the better.


5. Can you imagine if I worn detailed top to pair with this black shorts and red sleeveless cardigan, it doesn’t makes sense. So in order to caught someones attention or a crowd wear a striking color, you can never go wrong of red. Then wear red lipstick and accessorize with big bracelet and watch. This is your time to accessorize but never wear big chunky necklace , otherwise there’s too much stories going on your outfit.


6. Line pattern clothes is a good addition to your wardrobe. Choose one color from your pattern to pair as your top clothing. I chose white on this pattern to look fresh and simple.


7. Pair this shoulder black cut out blouse to a black short, then make a transition on your shoes or sandal. When you are wearing a flowery details on your top pick one color on it, for this look it can be a white color short too. Don’t choose for any other shades, it won’t look good anymore.



8. Why I love basics, because of this look if you don’t know what to pair on this skirt pick one of your brightest pieces in your wardrobe to kill this black and white monogram item.


Never be afraid of exploring different pieces of your clothes. Don’t follow trends, listen to your sense of style, be open minded. It doesn’t need to be costly in order for you to dress up, get a staple pieces that will held you in years. I remember I bought a black long sleeve jumper from Banana Republic four years ago and I still wear. I only spend more if I know I will use it for many years. Ralph Lauren cardigans and shirts are very reliable, yes it can be pricey but trust me the quality and the span of years you take advantage of wearing is price worthy.

High streets are very good and budget flexible. Zara is always on point when it comes to fashion trends, Uniqlo has a wide variety of basics, Topshop is your best buddy if you want good quality jeans. I only buy my jeans in Topshop and oh my goodness the quality is amazing! I have tried different brands but Topshop never lets me down.

Have fun with your sense of style.



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5 Ways to Love Yourself

Do you want to know the secret of learning how to love yourself? Are you tired of pleasing others all the time and forgetting yourself that you deserved to be pampered too.

I will give you 5 ways how to embrace love just by yourself.

1.Spend your Money

I am a firm believer of working hard and buying the things that makes me happy. First of all, what is the fruit of your hard work if you don’t look forward for something that makes you work harder right? Spend by your own financial means. Life is too short to suppress the things that you have been dreaming of. Secondly, whenever you get paid, allot a percentage of your salary to treat yourself. You might want to go to a makeup counter and splurge on that Chanel lipstick that you have been eyeing for or that Valentino shoes in Harrods. I kid you not all those long days and night shifts that you have done for the whole month would seem like just a past time if you get it in your hand. Lastly, to spend your  money means pay your credit debts, through this you’ll feel satisfied and relieved, you cannot run away with the thoughts of numbers on your head. Clear it up and start a fresh one.

Remember, whatever makes you happy at the moment and acting on it means you are acknowledging your needs and desires, through this you give value and dignity to yourself.


2. Be with the person that makes you happy

Do not surround yourself with people that full of negativity in life. It is good to be with someone who can motivate you or put a smile on your face. Get rid of the ones who makes your day miserable or the ones who doesn’t see your worth.  Nobody can dictates you who you wanted to be with. If you are happy go for it, follow your heart. If you adore that person, go and get him/her, don’t wait for tomorrow, it might be too late before you made your decision that this person is the one for you. If you want to live your life free of regrets, just follow your heart, it will lead you to that right person who is meant and waiting for you for so long.


3. Go on Holidays

You deserve a break free. Drop all those commitments infront of you. Go online and book yourself a ticket to a nice and warm country that you have been dreaming for long. You have been working hard and must be saving up for few months now, why not treat yourself  to a place that gives you memories for life right? If you don’t do it now, then when would that  be? Don’t you envy your friends when you open your Facebook and Instagram full of holiday photos? They did the same thing like you, they worked hard to achieved that vacation. So, make plans now and make sure you book in advance so that you won’t change your mind once you click that cursor, then that’s where your holiday starts.



4. Run, Drink, Eat, Have Fun!

If you love running in the park, that’s a good way of giving yourself a big treat. It’s one way to destress, when you exercise endorphins releases in your body which trigger positive feeling. No wonder people who incorporate running in their exercise makes them to run more due to its exhilirating impact.

If you are a coffee lover like me, well done you. Don’t you know that drinking 4 cups of coffee a day is healthy. Don’t be surprised, there’s a related study regarding coffee that it prevents Diabetes and Stroke, although they say it raises blood pressure but it has a very small percentage. Moreover, drinking coffee protects against heart failure in comparison to those who doesn’t drink. In addition, coffee has good memory booster due to its caffeine content as well as it’s antioxidant effect. Therefore, if you are thinking of a drink that’s condense of health benefits, take the advantage of this great so called – coffee!

Are you tired of cooking all the time? Why not give yourself a break and dine in to a nice restaurant alone or with friends. It won’t break the bank spending a meal that you will enjoy. It’s the thought of going outside the house, getting some fresh air and once in a while not touching your kitchen at all. Who does loves to wash up their dishes? I think everyone drags to do this chore. Don’t feel guilty that you are spending your money to eat out, you deserve that treat. You need to look after yourself too. Trying different cuisine helps your perspective in life that there is a life outside your kitchen comfort.

Having fun is not bad at all. Go out with your friends, have some cocktails or glass of wine, sing and dance, let your hair down, dress up and put some make up on. You don’t do this all the time, do you? You deserve to have a laugh and get lost a little bit, forget for a while those due reports that you have been dreading of.



5. Be kind

So here’s the deal, we only have one life to live and we won’t even stay in this world for long. As much as we wanted to live longer, we need to accept the fact that our life here on earth is only temporary. Why not start loving what you see around you. If you hate your manager or co worker, send them love now. If you had a disagreement with your parents, think that they are getting old and won’t live that much longer as you wish. If you had a petty fight with your friends, go and make your reconciliation, friends will be there forever if you know how to look after them. If you hate your job because it pays you minimum salary and the workload is getting on your nerves, think that you are very blessed, there’s a lot of people who’s having a hard time to find a job to feed them everyday.

If you have hatred in your heart, let go of it. Forgive yourself and the people who hurt you. Live life the way as it is, do not expect beyond your expectations. You are missing the beauty of life.

Always remember that Loving Yourself First is the step forward to give love to the person next to you and around you. There’s a lot of people who never experienced the true meaning of love and you don’t want to be in that position. It’s never too late to change. I might sound a cliché to you but trust me give one of my 5 ways a try, I would be thrilled to know the outcome.




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I have been using  Nuxe eye cream for 2 years now. It claims to re-energise tired and dull skin around the eye area and formulated to fight aging and puffiness. After religiously using it your eyes will look bright and youthful. It seems good to be true huh,but let me share you my experience with my love affair of this beauty.

All my life, I am in a constant battle of my eye bags. I have tried different eye creams in the high street but nothing has made it subside. Sometimes, I am in denial to myself that maybe it’s in my genes that I can’t do anything about it unless I could use a lower blepharoplasty of some cosmetic surgeons that I know. 

However, due to my persistence, one day I went online shopping for make up and I accidentally bump into this. I was instantly sold of the descriptions so I did purchased 3 bottles in one go.  I know it’s crazy considering the price of the other websites.

I use it twice a day once in the morning and once at bedtime. One tiny pump is enough, massage it around your eyes repeatedly in a circular motion until you feel that the cream has fully soaked in. The formula is light and non greasy.  This cream doesn’t only reduce your eye bags but it prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Basically, you are getting a lot of benefits on this cream. 1 bottle will last you for a  month or 2. 

Using Nuxe eye cream has good ingredients for  reduction of eye bags and prevention of wrinkles and fine lines. This can be use at any age, if only I have known this on my early 20’s. I definitely swear by this cream it’s the best amongst other eye creams that I had used in the past.

Nuxe is originated in Paris so whenever you travel anywhere in France, visit any Pharmacies they have and you will see a wide variation of their skin care lines. Although Nuxe isn’t that popular to some of you, I’ll tell you Nuxe has been raving by all beauty gurus and expert on skin care over social medias. 

I’ll show you a sneak peek of my obsession of this cream. I bought Nuxe products when I was in France, it’s a little cheaper. It might be out of your price range but I am giving you the best advice that I have experienced on my own.I wouldn’t recommend Nuxe eye cream if it doesn’t works. I’ve gone through 6 bottles of this now and I do repurchase over and over. It’s an eye saver, I must say.


If you want an in depth review of other Nuxe items that I have tried like their lip balms and SPF 50 Melting cream high protection, leave me a comment below.

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My Secret to Clear Skin

Every woman wants a clear skin. Having a skin problems such as pimples, acne including blackheads or whiteheads cause stress in our daily lives. I have tried different products to solve my skin issues and  I did my research online which solutions will work for me.

For the past 2 years, I experienced my worst nightmare on my face. I battled with acne, which I never had it before. I remembered, I struggled to make eye to eye contact with people in case they might stare on my face. I asked myself what am I doing wrong. Why my face has suddenly become sensitive. I stopped for a moment and reflected how was my current lifestyle, my diet and my status in life (am I satisfied and  happy about everything that I have?) From all of these questions hanging on my head, I come up with my answer and finally the best outcome I’ve had for a long time.

I want to share first what causes acne or pimples.


Yes, it is true that hormonal imbalance contributes a major factor during menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Remember that  stress related hormones can affect your skin (this is my absolute nightmare).


Eating oily foods such as fried chicken, fried fish, fried eggs and other cooked food that is saturated with oil is bad for your skin. Dairy products too, such as chocolates, butter, cheese and milk. These should be eaten in moderation. However, if you have severe acne I suggest to completely avoid eating all of these and you would see a gradual change. I am saying this based on  my experience and it works faster than you can imagine.


Do not sleep with a make up on. It’s bad for your skin and appearance of spots might occur. Wash your face in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed. The sebum on our face if not washed starts to build up as blackheads or whiteheads and this will lead to acne if you have poor hygiene. Also, advised by other people avoid touching your face with your hands.


Everyone thought that makeup can cause pimples or acne. There is no scientific evidence about this. You might have a sensitivity into it after your first application, but this won’t lead to acne. If you are concerned about it you can immediately stop using the product.  The majority of the make up products that I used has no problems and I never had an issue.

How I cleared my skin:

Firstly, I changed my diet, I eat vegetables that has high in antioxidants such as butternut squash. I eat green leafy vegetables too, like broccoli, bitter melon, beans and Aubergine. Fruits such as blueberries helps clears your skin due to its antioxidant content. I avoided dairy products and oily foods.

Secondly, I drink lots of water all throughout the day and avoided frizzy drinks due to the amount of sugar in it.

Lastly, I used products that has an ingredients of Glycerin and Glycolic acid which helps to remove the outer layer of your skin and change to a new clear skin. It also clears old blemishes and acne scarring. Bear in mind that products that has glycolic acid is prone to sunburn, so always wear  a sunscreen.

Clinique anti blemish solution is great for acne. It gradually dries down the active pimples or acne and exfoliates to clear dead surface cells. It also reduce the excess oil that can lead to breakouts.

Pixi Glow Tonic is an exfoliating toner. It has 5% Glycolic Aloe Vera & Ginseng. This brightens, tones and conditions your skin after cleansing. I used this twice a day in the morning and at night. I have seen a gradual improvement and maintains my skin healthy, radiant and naturally fresh complexion.


Pixi Overnight Glow Serum (30ml) is a silky, glycolic -rich (10%) formula which transforms your skin from dull to healthy new skin cells beneath. It lessens the visibility of dark spots and post blemish redness. Apply few drops before bed and you would notice a luminous skin in the morning.


YSL Forever Light Creator Serum (30ml)  helps to correct the appearance of uneven skintone by acting on dark spots, uniformity, translucency and radiance. This cost normally £65.00 I’ve used this product for almost 2 years due to my desperation to clear out my skin. It is very effective. I stopped this product now since I don’t have acne or pimple problem.

La Roche – Posay Effaclar – is recommended for oily skin and imperfections. It is clinically proven to correct the appearance of blemishes, unclogged blocked pores and controlling shine. Suitable for sensitive skin. I used this at night to replenish my skin and make sure to use sunscreen to prevent sunburn due to its ingredients containing LHA and Salycilic Acid and Anti inflammatory Niacinamide which intensely soothes your skin.


Kiehls Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++ UVA  this is my Holy Grail SPF cream for my face. I have proven and tested the effectiveness of this cream. I stayed whole day under the sun during holidays and amazingly my face wasn’t sunburned. It wasn’t only in one occasion but most of the time. If you know how the weather like in the Philippines then you know what I am talking about. Soaking under the sun whilst lying on the beach is a pleasure without worrying of added skin aging caused by not using SPF. Tips: It’s better to use SPF 50 and on everyday basis whether it is winter or autumn always use face cream with SPF. During winter and autumn I use Simple cream with SPF 15 plus added SPF 30 on my make up foundation. You can use lower SPF except when the sun is soaring high.

Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Active Night Care  At first I wasn’t sure if this night cream was effective in comparison to the other creams I have used. However, this product works miraculously, I would see a dramatic improvement on the condition of my skin. It evens out my skin tone and waking up with diminished blemishes or breakouts. 


Whatever suits on me might or might not be applicable to your skin. Take note that I have combination of oily and dry skin. These products has served me for years now. I have tried and tested a lot of skin care lines and I stick to the ones that claims of what it says. Do not be drawn to the magical advertisements and nice packaging of a product. Look at the ingredients of which certain skin problem you want to target.

Looking after your skin is the best treat you could give to yourself.

Remember to start from the innermost chamber of your health, diet and lifestyle. 

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