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Closet Rule #1

Invest in good materials.

Choose varieties of colours, this depends on your style but do not just stick on one colour to fill your wardrobe.

Do not follow fashion, there are fashionable pieces that doesn’t suit your body type.

Dressing up goes with how you feel. Sometimes you just want to wear your most comfortable clothes and that’s fine.

Experiment, experiment, experiment  that clothes you have in your closet.


Till my next closet tour….  

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img_2384I didn’t realised that having a blog is like a relationship. You need to have a sense of commitment if you want it running. I just took a little break and so I sincerely apologised if I had not been blogging but my thoughts have been always with you all who reads my page across the globe.

I just renewed my site today, I have been contemplating if it’s still worthwhile to keep it. Every time I checked my email, wordpress kept on sending me a notice that it’s about to expire and if I don’t renew I will lose it permanently. The feeling is like someone wants to take a property of yours and I am not ready to give it up. I have a lot to share and I’m very excited to be back!

2016 was a year of travel for me. I visited a lot of places across Europe which was all done by  random impulse. It’s good to take a break and feel revitalise from the repetitive lifestyle that we have. No matter how far or close the distance we take as long as we give time ourselves to breathe, it gives us a feeling of relief that there’s more to life than what’s on our plate right now.

2017 plans has already been organised, bit scary but let’s see how it goes. I have two trips coming this February and March. If you don’t follow me yet on Instagram, please do @kellydimp I use hashtag travellynea for all my travels and I consistently post my fashion and lifestyle.

So I have 2 lined blog post to come let me know which one should I post first. Updated Perfume Collection or another Travel blog? Let me know on the comment below and I look forward to be writing again.





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4 Shopping tips!


People who knows me would probably laugh at me once this blog will be published in an hour or so… Some of my friends are my top critics when it comes to my shopping doze. For most of you who don’t know me, I am not a “Richie rich girl next door”, I worked hard for my things, and the story behind my realization about giving you a wiser tips for most of you who loves to invade the high streets and shopping malls starts here…my short trip to Korea back in 2006.

I went to visit my parents in Seoul, Korea last 2006. It was my first travel abroad on my own.. I fell in love of the city specially their shopping styles. Walking on the streets and taking their subway mesmerized me, Koreans know how to dress well, very trendy and fashionable. At that time, it certainly opens my curiosity about fashion and shopping..

Handbags caught my attention in their shopping center, it was very chic and varieties of colors excites me to own not only one but two or more… and my wish did come true… my parents, aunt and cousins bought me a handbag one each of them so basically I accumulated 6 pieces of handbags! I was so thrilled and amazed! I had to buy a bigger luggage to fit all these stuffs..

Looking back, those handbags were gone, slowly the skin was ripping off and it didn’t held me for few years..I was deeply gutted as I started to enjoy using it.

Here are my Top tips to your Shopping list:

1. Handbags – Do you know the reason why majority of the people invest in a good quality handbags? It is the long lasting use, that makes them buy although the price tags is over the top. Let’s say for example a Louis Vuitton handbag that cost £845.00 or a Mulberry that cost £450.00 If you think of it, our first thought we can’t afford because it’s a one off payment and it’s already a cost of your rent. However, if you are the type of person who loves handbags and almost every month you shop in the high streets due to different styles that comes out every season. If you add it up in a year, I bet you, you have already reached the same price of that classic, leather and never out of fashion piece that will held you for years…. and you might pass it on to your daughter if you are wiser on your shopping choice.

Therefore if you are the type of person who craves for a good quality bag, I say SAVE until you reach the price, go buy and never hold back, one day you will realize your money is all worth it. ( I do this for 8 years now, and it all works ladies..) I have a handbag that I bought last 2009, until now it is still intact and usable, never goes out of fashion. I  got it for £545.00 and my recent check in the market, it cost £920.00. The value appreciates which is a good point..

Delightful MM LV
Photo taken in Rome, Italy 2010

2. MakeupsThe reason why makeup industries are getting bigger and bigger to the point that every season new makeup comes out is because to all of collectors. How many blushers and lipsticks should a one person own in their life? Do you really need to fill up your makeup vanity to the extent that you still need to order in IKEA another makeup drawer organizers and after that it’s a must for you to buy more because there’s plenty of room to check in all your makeup stuffs.

I am saying this by my past experience, now I have learned to minimized and de clutter. If you haven’t tried this yet, why don’t you start now! If you owned red and pink lipstick, you don’t need to hunt for another same color. As a makeup lover and user, pick your most loved brand and color and stick to it! Mine, when it comes to red lipstick( Nars Audatious Rita is my go to…) for pink (YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats 207) I still have varieties but I stopped buying for almost a year now. I realized that I don’t need anymore unless I finished what I loved. If you watch Youtube, makeup bloggers and makeup gurus does de clutter their collections because they must have realized that it’s not worthy to own hundreds…and remember MAKEUP does EXPIRE!


3. AccessoriesHave you ever experienced to buy a fashion earrings, necklace or bracelet that cost less than £20.00 after a week it went tarnish and the color fades. I do, when the time I was a compulsive buyer. What is the point of buying those things if you are going to disposed it after a week or less than a month. Why not buy a real one. I mean, silver works does a pretty good job, quality will served you for ages and that’s for sure! If you can’t afford to buy a gold jewelry or a white diamond, I have two piece of advice for you. It’s either you Save or downsize to silver works.

Fashioned accessories are good in the eye, it’s good for a short term use or for some occasions. The question is, are you ready to dispose your money on that short span of time?

4. Shoes – You are allowed to have a couple of shoes that you wanted in life as long as you think you will use it rather than leaving it untouched on your shoe rack. I am guilty of these, I am always questioned why do I keep a lot of shoes under my bed…Why do I keep on buying if I never use it…well not anymore! I go for a comfortable purposes..If you work long hours, never ever deprive yourself to purchase the pair of shoes you wanted. You definitely need it!


Don’t be a shoe brand snob. Most of us only know Nike, Jordan and Adidas. Recently, I purchased a Puma Roshe type of trainer, I must honestly say that the quality and feel on my foot was way better than my Nike Roshe. The price point is half price cheaper than the Nike. Therefore, try to experiment and don’t just go on what is well advertised. Big brands do well on advertisements because they had invested already on their products while low good brands keep their name even not giving us a flushy market on the platform.


They say Shopping is a Cardio.. On my personal perspective, it is a cardio once you started giving yourself a time to decide which is more important and beneficial to your life.

Life is short, enjoy and have fun…


Disclaimer: This blog is not sponsored. Products mentioned above are my own preference.



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My 5 Beauty Secrets

Every woman has their own beauty secrets. I must admit that I started being conscious to my beauty regime when I was on my late 20’s. Looking back, I wasn’t very clever in looking after my skin. Hence, I developed bad blemishes, pimples and acne. As I go along doing my research, reading magazines and articles about skincare,  I ended up realising the best and right way to achieve and enhance my beauty.


1. I know it’s a cliche but Drinking lots of water a day is very imperative to your skin. Keeping it hydrated at all times is the very baseline of your next beauty goal. I always have water in me whereever I go, I couldn’t live without holding a bottle of water. Next to my bed has always a 1.5 litre of water. If am at work I have my own water bottle and when I’m out I always have it in my handbag or hand.

The reason why it’s important is because water replenishes the cells in our body to keep it oxygenated and it removes toxic waste. Not enough intake of water would lead to dehydration, as a result your skin is prone to ageing. This leads to early wrinkles around your forehead, those cat eye wrinkle looking beside your eyes and a dry skin is an indication that your water intake wasn’t enough to accommodate your body.



2. Never go to bed without washing your face. Use gentle cleanser, if you have blemishes or acne never rub your face abrasively. I was doing this before and I did realised it made my skin more sensitive and worst. Here’s my skin care step by step. I religiously do this every single day and night. Follow this to achieve a healthy skin, it doesn’t need to be the same products, choose what suits your skin type.

I cleanse with Clinique take the day off cleansing balm then I wash with water and Simple face wash. Cleanse in the morning and at night.

After cleansing, I use Clinique Anti blemish toner. I have sensitive skin and my tips to some of you who has the same skin problem use toner that has glycolic acid this helps diminish blemishes and repairs the outer layer of your skin. Be reminded to use sunscreen as your skin is susceptible to sunburn.

Always use serum underneath your moisturiser. Serums are fast absorbing ingredients, they are more effective than your holy grail moisturisers. If you are targeting to treat your skin, invest in your serum that has the ingredients to heal your skin problem. I am a serum believer and I think it is one of the main culprit why my skin is healthy and less prone to blemishes.

Moisturise after serum all the time. This acts your face shield, always use moisturiser with sunscreen. Also, include eye cream in your routine to prevent dark eyes and wrinkles. I use  Nuxe eye cream. In the morning I use moisturiser with SPF50 such as Kiehls and Nuxe. At night, I use La Roshe Posay. For more in depth head over to My Secret to Clear Skin

Never sleep with make up on. Be kind to your skin that’s the least thing you can do.


3. Use makeup when it is needed. I pretty much use make up everyday when I am out of the house such as when I am at work, meeting friends and travelling. My motive is not to hide my imperfections but to look presentable all the time. However, when I am at home I always make sure I give my skin a break to breathe which is a no make up on.

Always remember that makeup is an art. It is a way of enhancing your beauty. It gives you a feeling of self esteem and a feeling of joy whenever you are having an alone time applying your makeup.


4. Dress appropriately. To build that confidence to yourself always consider your outlook. I always noticed that a pretty face who doesn’t know how to dress accordingly needs to be reminded the proper way to dress up.

Be kind to yourself, how you clothe gives an instant first impression to someones eye. I always have this attitude that I give my first impression to a person on how he dressed up. I am always impressed when someone looks after himself through the clothes he wear. Choose clothes that suits your body type. Check my recent blog Tips on Fashion Style


5. Always seek for your own peace and happiness. Beauty radiates within your soul. You cannot portray your real image if you are disturbed. Hence give yourself a clear out, free from stress, go and see places, meet your friends and do things that will inspire you to live.

Beauty is not just all about the outer aspect of yourself. Having a peace of mind and heart, everything will fall into a beautiful YOU.



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog. My goal is to share my experience and touch someones heart to be informed that everything has a way out if you are trapped to your present condition.

If you have questions and suggestions, feel free to comment below.

Majority of my friends aren’t bloggers hence they don’t have an access to spread this blog so if you are a blogger reading this please share to your social media, it’s a way of helping others not for my own sake. It will be very much appreciated.

Check out my Instagram @kellydimple05


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Tips on Fashion Style

Never in my life I would thought that my love of fashion would grown on me. Living in London surrounded with shops full of fashion trends inspires me on how to style and dress up well. Every time, I go to the high street and shop for clothes, I don’t imitate the latest trend instead I follow my heart what I think would be best for me to wear on that certain event or occasion.

  1. Invest basic pieces in your wardrobe. Black and White color would be a great contrast, and always add a pop up color so it won’t look dull. Any colored shoes is a good choice. To look chic, never overdo with accessories, just wear a small earring, simple necklace and a watch. To finish the look red lipstick is your best friend.


2. To look more lively, don’t be scared of colors. This black and white small print of skirt needs a pair of any detailed top if you want to be more stylish. Pair it with the same color of your sandals or shoes in order to stand out.


3. I must admit I fell in love the first time I saw Culottes coming back in season. It’s such a cool vibe however be careful on what to match. I chose this cut out shoulder top from Oasis I got this Culottes from Zara last year, as soon as I saw it I knew I will wear it a lot and it will stay as my staple pieces in my wardrobe. I got two of this, a cream color and this black. You can either wear this with a high heels, ankle cut out or close boots, and of course a trainer for comfy purposes is advisable.image

4. Tube top sometimes can be tricky to wear. Plain colors are more versatile to pair with blue jeans or shorts. Too much detailed on a tube top doesn’t accentuate your figure. For this look, less accessories the better.


5. Can you imagine if I worn detailed top to pair with this black shorts and red sleeveless cardigan, it doesn’t makes sense. So in order to caught someones attention or a crowd wear a striking color, you can never go wrong of red. Then wear red lipstick and accessorize with big bracelet and watch. This is your time to accessorize but never wear big chunky necklace , otherwise there’s too much stories going on your outfit.


6. Line pattern clothes is a good addition to your wardrobe. Choose one color from your pattern to pair as your top clothing. I chose white on this pattern to look fresh and simple.


7. Pair this shoulder black cut out blouse to a black short, then make a transition on your shoes or sandal. When you are wearing a flowery details on your top pick one color on it, for this look it can be a white color short too. Don’t choose for any other shades, it won’t look good anymore.



8. Why I love basics, because of this look if you don’t know what to pair on this skirt pick one of your brightest pieces in your wardrobe to kill this black and white monogram item.


Never be afraid of exploring different pieces of your clothes. Don’t follow trends, listen to your sense of style, be open minded. It doesn’t need to be costly in order for you to dress up, get a staple pieces that will held you in years. I remember I bought a black long sleeve jumper from Banana Republic four years ago and I still wear. I only spend more if I know I will use it for many years. Ralph Lauren cardigans and shirts are very reliable, yes it can be pricey but trust me the quality and the span of years you take advantage of wearing is price worthy.

High streets are very good and budget flexible. Zara is always on point when it comes to fashion trends, Uniqlo has a wide variety of basics, Topshop is your best buddy if you want good quality jeans. I only buy my jeans in Topshop and oh my goodness the quality is amazing! I have tried different brands but Topshop never lets me down.

Have fun with your sense of style.




Sunglasses Collections

Owning a piece of sunnies is like buying a scarf. We buy scarves to warm us on a cold weather and it is the same thing to sunglasses,  we used it to protect our eyes from the UV rays of the sun.

I never thought I would consider buying a sunglasses as a fun hobby of mine. I started owning it for fashion reason, to blend and pair it on my outfit.  Here’s my most worn  sunnies for less than £10.00


It is very addicting to buy and collect different styles however I did realized am I getting the right UV protection on these. Some sunglasses has 0% protection therefore be very vigilant in choosing yours to prevent eye damage such as cataracts, macular degeneration and blindness.

I’m a firm believer of quality over quantity. Tomford is one of my top brand when it comes to sunglasses, it is one of the designer brands that is bold, classic and ambitious.




Introducing my first designer Tomford Gabriella. Purchased this in John Lewis at around £235.00 Price point is too scary breaking the bank but I am the type of person I don’t go out of the house without my sunglasses. My eyes is sensitive to light and sun, this is all because of my hypertensive drugs, the side effects of it is killing me. I have used this a lot and sometimes even on winter times. This has high protection to UV Rays and makes me more confident to face the day without worrying my eyes to sun exposure.


Rayban is such a classic and timeless piece to have it on your collections. With its reasonable price of just under £100.00 You’ve  owned one of the oldest sunglasses founded in 1937. Wayfarers and Aviator are the most famous style. I had 4 pieces and gave 1 each to my mom and dad. As a concerned daughter, I wanted them to protect their eyes from sunlight.

This is my first prescription sunglasses from Vision Express. At first, it’s not my style at all however, the clarity of vision and safety of my eyes, I am now a convert.

Sunnies is not all about the price factor, styles and brands. When buying one for yourself, consider the percentage of UV protection it has. For me, that’s the first thing I always looked at. As I always say, we have only 2 eyes to take good care of.