Happy Disposition


Happiness can be a cliché word to others due to its simplicity. It’s very simple to tell and dictate to someone “Do what makes you happy…” but can this be really done easily as such…

Being happy is a choice. It can be chasing your dreams or living with the person you love, whatever is your reason it all manifested with your ability to decide.

Note, Only You can Decide.

I say, Don’t wait to be happy. Be happy right now. If you are stuck into something in your life that’s blocking yourself to a great joy, Why allowing it? That’s why we were given freedom to know and choose what’s best for us. In just a second, you can change your world into a better and wider perspective if you listen to yourself. That inner voice inside you is your best wake up call that in just one click, your life will be full of joyous and satisfaction.

When my high spirit is drained which I am sure all of us go through, I just remind myself that “hey, don’t be uncool! at least you were given a chance to live your life”. So, I shall always be grateful and will always be…

If you have no reason to be happy, just remember that God loves you. And that’s the greatest source of happiness above all.


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