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10 Lifestyle Hacks


1.Surround yourself with happy people. Happiness is infectious. You don’t want to be around with people who are pessimistic.

2. Sudocrem is for babies nappy rash but I use it for my face whenever I get pimples, acne or sensitivity. It works less than 24 hours of application, spots subsides easily. I highly recommend.

3. I was watching a documentary of “Tales by Light” in Netflix. This photographer caught my attention when he  advised everyone to travel and see the world because what exist now might not exist in the future. Such a well captured voice conveying everyone that life is beautiful, there’s a lot out there that we haven’t seen because we are stuck in our own mind that we can’t do anything but the reality we can. We are free and from the beginning we have the freedom, all we need is to let go and let life see you through.

4. Create your passion into reality. When we were young we have hobbies like painting or playing piano. It doesn’t mean it will end from there, we mature only by age and so our skills should nurture us naturally.

5. Be compassionate with people and in everything that you do. This strong character defines what kind of person you are.

6. I’m Catholic, I believe in my faith however there is one thing that made me question and see the living proof to people around me specially to the people that I know of.

Divorce is such a delicate and sensitive word to anyone. I don’t imply this or I am not an advocate of divorce but why live with someone who doesn’t understand you, love you and take good care of you? Is it because of the piece of paper that you both sworn? or because you don’t want to disappoint your love ones such as your family and friends that your relationship isn’t working out. I’ve seen people in their second marriage had a better and happier matrimonial. The rest of this journey, I will leave it in your own perspective.

7. Make time to feel the nature. Go out once in a while and inhale some fresh air, smell the scents of tress and flowers around, walk in the park or in your block. Observe the people around you. This is one way of relieving stress, we are too occupied of work, commitments, relationships and such…

8. Be bold in everything that you do. Don’t play games, be a fair player. If you are a straight forward person, people will respect you.

9. Use your energy in a greater positive outcome. If you want to achieve something big in your life, all you need to do is focus. Notice your improvements how your dreams are becoming into reality.

10. Let go of your pride. Do not limit yourself to some possibilities that comes your way. Be a free person who knows what he wants. Visualise vividly how your life it would be if you have embrace yourself to every chances that you have turned down. Switch over that negative thoughts into an ideal you.




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