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Summer London List


Check out hidden parks that I had never been though I’ve been living here for so long

Eat lots of ice cream while walking in the street

Of course, take more cool selfies

Meet friends and go for window shopping

Workout more

Sit in a cafe

Wear fashion clothes, the lighter the better

Blog religiously

Plan for summer travel trip

Explore the rest of the city, London has plenty of good restaurants to try


Be more nice to people

Work hard for the future plans

Be more caring and loving

Be the best person that I could be

Have a forgiving heart



Happy Disposition


Happiness can be a cliché word to others due to its simplicity. It’s very simple to tell and dictate to someone “Do what makes you happy…” but can this be really done easily as such…

Being happy is a choice. It can be chasing your dreams or living with the person you love, whatever is your reason it all manifested with your ability to decide.

Note, Only You can Decide.

I say, Don’t wait to be happy. Be happy right now. If you are stuck into something in your life that’s blocking yourself to a great joy, Why allowing it? That’s why we were given freedom to know and choose what’s best for us. In just a second, you can change your world into a better and wider perspective if you listen to yourself. That inner voice inside you is your best wake up call that in just one click, your life will be full of joyous and satisfaction.

When my high spirit is drained which I am sure all of us go through, I just remind myself that “hey, don’t be uncool! at least you were given a chance to live your life”. So, I shall always be grateful and will always be…

If you have no reason to be happy, just remember that God loves you. And that’s the greatest source of happiness above all.


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Closet Rule #1

Invest in good materials.

Choose varieties of colours, this depends on your style but do not just stick on one colour to fill your wardrobe.

Do not follow fashion, there are fashionable pieces that doesn’t suit your body type.

Dressing up goes with how you feel. Sometimes you just want to wear your most comfortable clothes and that’s fine.

Experiment, experiment, experiment  that clothes you have in your closet.


Till my next closet tour….  

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Auswitz Birkenau

Through the valley of death we shall seek our heart. Those who laid their lives believing that a liberation shall come in the mid silence of the night. The famine, executions, torture and brutality of each individual who suffers demoralized their humanity. The unending arrivals of the innocent children, the young and the old, men and women lost their lives hoping that there’s a better life waiting for them.

This symbol of human cruelty, still on going nowadays,  just in different forms. It’s a vicious cycle that the ones who have the power have the control. We, the righteous, are selfless hoping that we are one united nation.

img_1009 img_0976




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The Untold Story


He doesn’t love you, so what?

You live in a high societal world where everyone can stand on their own.

It’s not the end of your world where in fact it’s the beginning of a new day.

A brand new day for a brand new YOU.

Life doesn’t just depend to the person next to you, the so called life should start within you.

Learning to love yourself more than anyone will do.

Learning to gain self respect and willing to let go when things aren’t in the right direction.

Trying to fit yourself in the community where your notion of acceptance is the key….this will never be your  victory.

Open your eyes and see the other side of your existence.

Staring at you waiting to move.

Never allow that beautiful mind of yours to be corrupted.

Hence, we all live by chances, and taking that opportunity is your one step to mastery.

The Untold Story kept like a treasure box

The collection of misery and imprudence.

Burning it to the ground is compelling.

I urge to Take an Action. You know what to do.

Trust your inner knowledge, and act upon it without delay.

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Behind Closed Doors


The power of mind has finally acknowledge. You were just once wishing that a miracle should happen, it has now. That unheard voice you have been yearning has now been resolved. Recollecting the past, all the memories that’s been shared is now gone. You tried to question yourself what went wrong? and the only answer you can fill in is, sometimes things happen for a reason, a blessing in disguise that worrying is not the ultimate response.

That beautiful heart of yours needs to be attended. Be not afraid, someone is watching over you. Your soft skin stunned as you touch someone’s hand and that sweet smile of you ease his pain. Never curse that the world you are living in is as cruel as your tribulation. You are a gift from above  that your existence is a recognition.

Behind Closed Doors is what you have been praying for. Angels has been guiding your path, sending all your prayers from above. Be glad and rejoice, good things happen to good people. You may not fathom your journey, rest assured ALL is WELL.



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About Me


Welcome To My Channel:

Call me Anna, I live in Londonimg_0095I’m passionate in creative writing, expressing my thoughts and voicing out my beliefs through blogging. Aside from that, beauty and fashion inspires me to inspire you and other readers how to be stylist through your own artistry. I also have a heart of travelling, appreciating the wonders and beauty of each country I stepped in.

Stopping by to my page is my pleasure.

Let’s be friends and share to the world that we bloggers are the creators and mind powers of this generation.


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10 Lifestyle Hacks


1.Surround yourself with happy people. Happiness is infectious. You don’t want to be around with people who are pessimistic.

2. Sudocrem is for babies nappy rash but I use it for my face whenever I get pimples, acne or sensitivity. It works less than 24 hours of application, spots subsides easily. I highly recommend.

3. I was watching a documentary of “Tales by Light” in Netflix. This photographer caught my attention when he  advised everyone to travel and see the world because what exist now might not exist in the future. Such a well captured voice conveying everyone that life is beautiful, there’s a lot out there that we haven’t seen because we are stuck in our own mind that we can’t do anything but the reality we can. We are free and from the beginning we have the freedom, all we need is to let go and let life see you through.

4. Create your passion into reality. When we were young we have hobbies like painting or playing piano. It doesn’t mean it will end from there, we mature only by age and so our skills should nurture us naturally.

5. Be compassionate with people and in everything that you do. This strong character defines what kind of person you are.

6. I’m Catholic, I believe in my faith however there is one thing that made me question and see the living proof to people around me specially to the people that I know of.

Divorce is such a delicate and sensitive word to anyone. I don’t imply this or I am not an advocate of divorce but why live with someone who doesn’t understand you, love you and take good care of you? Is it because of the piece of paper that you both sworn? or because you don’t want to disappoint your love ones such as your family and friends that your relationship isn’t working out. I’ve seen people in their second marriage had a better and happier matrimonial. The rest of this journey, I will leave it in your own perspective.

7. Make time to feel the nature. Go out once in a while and inhale some fresh air, smell the scents of tress and flowers around, walk in the park or in your block. Observe the people around you. This is one way of relieving stress, we are too occupied of work, commitments, relationships and such…

8. Be bold in everything that you do. Don’t play games, be a fair player. If you are a straight forward person, people will respect you.

9. Use your energy in a greater positive outcome. If you want to achieve something big in your life, all you need to do is focus. Notice your improvements how your dreams are becoming into reality.

10. Let go of your pride. Do not limit yourself to some possibilities that comes your way. Be a free person who knows what he wants. Visualise vividly how your life it would be if you have embrace yourself to every chances that you have turned down. Switch over that negative thoughts into an ideal you.




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8 Things YOU Didn’t Know About Me


1.United States was the main country I was hoping to live in since I was in college….why I’m in England? Let’s just say what’s meant to be is meant to be…


2. I’m a secret shopaholic/hoarder… check underneath my bed, I have tons of shoes (high heels) that’s never been worn since I got them… I am in the process of slowly letting them go as I’m sure it will be there forever. I love clothes, fashion and good pieces hence kellydimple’s blog was born.


3. I love keeps me young at heart. When I travel it makes me a brand new person, it’s like an oxygen to my bloodstream giving me sufficient life to live.


Last year, I travelled almost every month, my passport had a blast of stamps for the year 2016! I’ve been to Lourdes (France) Venice, Milan, Padua, Lake Como (Italy) Prague (twice, it’s a beautiful place why not!) Copenhagen (Denmark) Berlin (Germany) Krakow, Wieliczka, Auswitz Birkenau (Poland)

4. I’m a very emotional person. People sees me as a strong one but deep inside me is a soft hearted creature. I believe that’s why this blog of mine was created to jot down my feelings, insights, opinion and beliefs. Sometimes I wonder how to become a stone hearted so that I won’t feel the pain if someone hurts me bad.


5. I’m a night person. I’m awake during the night and sleep at daytime. My circadian rhythm is hard to please. That’s why working night shift is my preference but sometimes I would like to be a normal person to see the daylight specially during spring and summer time. (Time check:0620am right now which I haven’t slept yet since yesterday afternoon.. I’ll be in bed snoozing while you are reading this blog) By the way did I say, I love sleeping a lot…. I could honestly sleep the whole day!


6. I’m actually a very sweet person. If you get to know me well, we can be good friends. I’m full of fun to be with.. We can stay up late nights eating pizza, drink wine and watch Netflix. We can travel the world with full of excitements and making memories together.


7. I’m the eldest of the family. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. Sometimes I wonder how does it feel to have an older brother or sister, I’d be the happiest person.

8. My real name is Anna. When the time comes, I wanted my daughter’s name to be Kellydimple. And when that would be? In the right time my loves x



So here’s my 8 moments.. I’d love to read yours. I tag all the bloggers out there to share your part.

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